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1. Your Computer Environment

Please setup Cookie and JavaScript environment for uPal.
If your status shows "NG" in the following checkes, please
setup for your browser.

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Educational Font さき入水

2. Site Map for uPal (Uinited Portal for Advanced Leasrning)

  1. uPal (2006)

    1. United Podcast for Kanji Learning (2009)

    2. Associative Kanji Learning (2008)

    3. Hiragana and Katakana Quizzes (2008)

    4. Dictionary Search Using Kanji Handwriting Recognition (2009)

    5. United Translation (2008)

    6. United Links (2007)

    7. Login

    8. Logout

  2. iCampus (2004)

  3. LESSON/J (1997)

3. Operations

  1. Input Japanese sentence or URL into text box, and click parse button.
  2. Select a word from parsing result.
  3. Click search button or play icon of headphone.
  4. Play synthesized sound of your selected word.
  5. An example of configuration for main window and search window.
    Don't maxmize main window for redisplay of search window.
    uPal Search

4. Merits

5. Computer Environments
UTF-8 Japanese Fonts, Cookie and JavaScript

6. How to use TTS

  1. Click Index of Aozora Bunko at /u/.

  2. Select a Kana letter of Author's name.

  3. Select Author's name.

  4. Select Author's article.

  5. Select XHTML version.

  6. Select a word for dictionary search and click headphone icon for audio play.
    Usage of uPal

7. Examples of Text to Speech Synthesis after Parsing

Typical Example 学校行きました。
Geminate Example 昨日 叔父さんお爺さん会いました。
Word Accent Example 食べました。

8. uPal Flowchar
uPal Flow Chart

9. United Links for Japanese Learning Web Resources (Aug. 20, 2007)

10. Associative Kanji Learning (Feb. 1, 2008)

11. How to learn by "Associative Kanji Learning"

  1. Select your native language.
    最初(さいしょ)に、あなたの 母語(ぼご)を、ログインのページから 選択(せんたく)してください。
    This Version: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

  2. Select name or chapter for your textbook in lower select tags.
    If you don't know the chapter, click "Grade" link tag.

  3. Learn kanji figure and meaning in random order by the "Next" or "Back" tag.

  4. Learn kanji stroke order by animation in random order.
    If you don't know kanji meaning, back to above step.
    In this step, please write kanji on your hand, space or paper. This is called as dummy writing practice(空書き漢字練習).

  5. Check your Kanji by examination.

12. Matching quizzes based on English meaning, "On" reading, "Kun" reading, or all
(PCとiPhone & iPod Touchは、ユーザインタフェースが異なります。)

  1. Access the following URL.
    Caution: set on your browser options of cookie and Javascript
  2. Select your textbook such as "Genki", "Minna no Nihonngo", or "Nakama".
  3. Select your chapter in the textbook for Kanji learning.
  4. Click a button of "Login" for score accessing after Kanji matching quizzes.
  5. Click a button of "Quizzes" on a top page of "Associative Kanji Learning".

  6. Match the items of meaning or reading on the right to the Kanji items on the left.

  7. Click a button of "Check Kanji Answers" on a page of "Kanji Matching Quizzes".
    You can see your score for your Kanji matching quizzes.
  8. Click a button of "OK" on a page of "Kanji Matching Quizzes".
  9. Return to 6th stage in above procedure for repetitions of Kanji matching quizzes.

  10. Click a button of "Scores" in the case of login.

13. Examples of Associative Kanji learning using Apple iPhone or iPod Touch in a ubiquitous environment

  1. File size of GIF animation is smaller than movie such as quicktime.
    Red color in the animation shows begining point of the stroke.
  2. Table tags are available for Apple Safari for iPhone.
    iPhone via Apple Store (May 14., 2008)
    iPhone for Kanji Learning
    PC, iPhone, 携帯電話などのスマートデバイスから漢字の筆順が検索できます。

    iPad (June 19, 2010)
    iPad for
		 Kanji Learning
    PC, iPhone, iPad, 電子黒板などに表示して、常用漢字の筆順の空書き学習に利用できま す。

    Kanji Stroke Order / 漢字筆順

    Kanji Stroke Order
    Kanji and Kana Animations Using Educational Fonts
    教育フォントを利用した漢字, かな筆順アニメーション
    © 2009

14. Laguage Translation (Aug. 1, 2008)

15. Dictionary Search Using Kanji Handwriting Recognition (Dec. 24, 2008)

16. Podcast for Kanji Animations (June 1, 2009)

漢字ポッドキャスト:漢字の由来(なりたち)をアニメーションで学習できます。 また、間違えやすい筆順は、強調して示しています。

17. Kanji Search (Oct. 1, 2010)

18. Special Thanks

19. Keywords

20. Known Bugs

  1. Mis-reading for unknown words
  2. Japanese font error at PDF viewing

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