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No.    Site Title ( Affiliation) Level and Category Counts Language
1 TJF(The Japan Forum) (TJF)
Intermediate Organization 1701 English
2 The Japan Foundation (JPF)
Teacher's Organization 131 English
3 Agency for Cultural Affairs (Bunka)
Advanced Organization 129 English
4 Association of Japanese Language Teachers in Europe (AJE)
Teacher's Organization 127 English
5 The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa (JPF)
Teacher's Organization 122 English
6 The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles (JPF)
Elementary Organization 113 English
7 The British Association for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language (BATJ)
Teacher's Organization 113 English
8 The Japan Foundation, London (JPF)
Elementary Organization 96 English
9 AP Japanese Language and Culture Course (CollegeBoard)
Advanced Placement
Teacher's Organization 95 English
10 The Japan Foundation, Sydney (JPF)
Elementary Organization 82 English
11 British Columbia Teachers of Japanese (NihongoBC)
Downloadable Teaching Materials (DOC and PDF)
Teacher's Organization 64 English
12 The Japan Foundation, Cairo (JPF)
Elementary Organization 47 English
13 The Japan Foundation, New York (JPF)
Elementary Organization 29 English
14 The Japan Foundation, Toronto (JPF)
Elementary Organization 22 English
15 The Japan Foundation, Budapest (JPF)
Elementary Organization 20 English
16 The Japan Foundation, Canada (JPF)
Elementary Organization 11 English
17 The Japan Foundation, Italy (JPF)
Elementary Organization 9 English
18 The Japan Foundation, Kansai (JPF)
Elementary Organization 9 English
19 The Japan Foundation, Mexico (JPF)
Elementary Organization 8 English

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