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No.    Site Title ( Affiliation) Level and Category Counts Language
1 Japanese: Vocabulary Guide (LanguageGuide.org)
Elementary Dictionary 1086 English
2 Favorite Site uPal: Network Dictionary (iCampusj.net)
Multiple Network Dictionary Search Using Kanji Handwriting Recognition
Elementary Dictionary 356 English
3 Japanese Dictionary
(G. Bober)
Elementary Dictionary 312 English
4 Cambridge Dictionaries Online (Cambridge Univ.)
Elementary Dictionary 268 English
5 CJKV-English Dictionary
(Charles Muller)
Elementary Dictionary 175 English
6 Free online Japanese learning resource (Websaru)
Advanced Dictionary 76 English
7 経済のにほんご (Waseda Univ.)
Advanced Dictionary 71 English
8 RomajiDesu
Elementary Dictionary 38 English

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