Hand-Tracing Practice for Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana using Hand-writing Recognition Tool

Procedure for autonomous kanji learning
1st: Edit your text in the following field.
2nd: Click a button of "Go to Hand-Tracing".
3rd: Hand-tracing on your smart phone.
4th: After tracing, click a button of "Next".
5th: Repeat above 3rd to 4th.

1- Edit Text for Your Favorite Order


3- List for Kanji Tracing Practice

4- Browsers
Please latest browsers such as IE11, Safari6, Chrome27, Firefox21, or Opera12 for HTML5.

5- Fonts
Please setup Educational Fonts for PC or Mac

An example of educational font and hand-tracing "ki" for PC

After hand-tracing, click a "Next" button.
An Example of Japanese Hiragana Hand-Tracing: き

You can also use free Japanese fonts with stroke order numbers.
Please download from "Kanji stroke order font" and install.
An Example of Stroke Errors: す
Color Rules for Stroke Order Errors

6: For teachers/先生方へ

  1. Student's wrinting characters are automatically judged by a system of Kanji hand-writing recoginition so that the system is useful for autonomous kanji learning.

  2. In a case of small characters such as "ャュョッゃゅょっ", please trace lower half part in drawing area.
    small Katakana ヨ

  3. Please directly link to this page by the following style on your class web pages.
    1. <a href = "https://www.icampusj.net/u/tracing.jsp?k=日月時分曜">日月時分曜</a>
    2. <a href = "https://www.icampusj.net/u/tracing.jsp?h=あいうえお">あいうえお</a>
    3. <a href = "https://www.icampusj.net/u/tracing.jsp?j=アイウエオ">アイウエオ</a>

  4. Your students can get hand-tracing scores after login.
    An example of hand-tracing scores.
    Hand-Tracing Scores
  5. You can use free Japanese educational fonts for personal. Please access for details.
    なお、先生が、クラスで使用数場合は、購入が必要です。 インストールの方法などは、詳細のページを参照ください。

  6. Kanji Stroke Grammar / 漢字画文法

  7. Known Bugs / 既知のバグ
    For single letter tracing, please click letter-links in above list after reloading this page.

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