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Menu for Japanese Kanji and Kana Learning

  1. Go to a site of "uPal".

  2. "Podcast for Kanji Learning".

  3. "Associative Kanji Learning and Quizzes".

  4. "Associative Kana Learning and Quizzes".
    連合カナ学習, Kana Table, Kana Matching Quizzes.

  5. "Hand-Tracing Practice for Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana".

  6. HWR: "Kanji Handwriting Recognition".

  7. HWR: "Kanji Hand Tracing".

  8. CUI Kanji Search for Mobile / 携帯版漢字検索.
      Help / 使用法.

  9. GUI Kanji Search for Mobile / GUI版漢字検索.

  10. Joyo Kanji List for PC / PC版常用漢字.

  11. Joyo Kanji List for Mobile / 携帯版常用漢字.

  12. Joyo Kanji Stroke Order for Mobile / 携帯版常用漢字筆順.

  13. Simplified Grammar for Kanji Strokes / 漢字簡略画文法.

  14. Resister for "iCampus", if you get a free ID.
    Get a class keyword from user's munual.

  15. Get your password for "iCampus", if you forget.

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  18. Get your kanji strokes for HWR after login.

  19. Public iCampus/ Private iCampus

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  21. Help for uPal.

  22. How to search this URL.

  23. Mail to uPal Administrator