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1  (きん)
(n,n-suf) (1) gold
2  (きがね)
(ok) (n,adj-no) gold
3  (きんか)
(n) gold coin
4  (きんき)
(n) article made of gold
5  (きんこ)
(n) gold dust
6  (きんし)
(n) gold thread
7  (きんじ)
(n) gold or gilt letters
8  (きんば)
(n) gold tooth
9  (きんぱ)
(n) golden waves
10  (きんめ)
(n) (1) golden eyes (of a cat, etc.)
11  (きんめ)
(n) (1) golden eyes (of a cat, etc.)
12  (くがね)
(ok) (n,adj-no) gold
13  (こがね)
(n,adj-no) gold
14  (こがね)
(n,adj-no) gold
15  (こんじ)
(n) gold or gilt letters
16  (さきん)
(n) gold dust
17  (わきん)
(n) Japanese wakin goldfish variety
18  (おうごん)
(n,adj-no) gold
19  (かなやま)
(n) (gold) mine
20  (かねへん)
(n) (1) kanji "metal" or "gold" radical at left
21  (きんいろ)
(n) golden (colour, color)
22  (きんいん)
(n) golden stamp (archeol)
23  (きんかん)
(n) gold ring
24  (きんかん)
(n) gold crown (tooth)
25  (きんがわ)
(n) a gold case
26  (きんぎょ)
(n) goldfish
27  (きんぎん)
(n) gold and silver
28  (きんぐち)
(n) gold-colored paper wrapped around the tip of a cigarette (coloured)
29  (きんけつ)
(n) a gold mine
30  (きんけん)
(n) gold certificate
31  (きんこう)
(n) gold mine
32  (きんこう)
(n) gold mine
33  (きんこん)
(n) golden wedding
34  (きんざん)
(n) (gold) mine
35  (きんしゃ)
(n) gold dust
36  (きんすじ)
(n) gold stripes
37  (きんせい)
(n) made of gold
38  (きんてつ)
(n) gold and iron
39  (きんでい)
(n) gold paint
40  (きんぱい)
(n) gold medal
41  (きんぱい)
(n) gold cup (goblet)
42  (きんぱく)
(n) gold leaf
43ぱく  (きんぱく)
(n) gold leaf
44  (きんぷん)
(n) gold dust
45無垢  (きんむく)
(n) pure gold
46文字  (きんもじ)
(n) gold or gilt letters
47  (きんらん)
(n) gold brocade
48  (きんろう)
(n) alloy of gold, silver, copper, zinc, cadmium, etc., used to fuse items of
49ペン  (きんペン)
(n) gold pen (nib)
50  (こんじき)
(n) golden (colour, color)
51  (こんでい)
(n) gold paint
52  (さいきん)
(n,vs) gold mining
53  (さんきん)
(n) gold mining
54  (しゃきん)
(n) gold dust
55  (ちんきん)
(n) gold-inlaid laquerware (using powdered gold in etched grooves)
56出目  (でめきん)
(n) pop-eyed goldfish
57一分  (いちぶきん)
(n) a gold quarter ryou
58一歩  (いちぶきん)
(n) a gold quarter ryou
59塩化  (えんかきん)
(n) gold chloride
60  (きんぎょく)
(n) gold and jewels
61魚屋  (きんぎょや)
(n) goldfish seller (vendor)
62  (きんぐさり)
(n) golden chain
63鉱地  (きんこうち)
(n) gold field
64探し  (きんさがし)
(n) searching for gold
65糸梅  (きんしばい)
(n) rosemary goldcup
66  (きんしゃち)
(n) golden dolphin
67  (きんしょう)
(n) gold general (shogi)
68  (きんしょう)
(n) gold (first-place) prize
69盞花  (きんせんか)
(n) marigold
70時計  (きんどけい)
(n) gold watch
71本位  (きんほんい)
(n) gold standard
72蒔絵  (きんまきえ)
(n) gold lacquer
73メダル  (きんメダル)
(n) gold medal
74モール  (きんモール)
(n) gold braid (e.g. on a military officer's uniform)
75  (こがねいろ)
(n,adj-no) golden
76  (さいきんち)
(n) goldfield
77  (じゅんきん)
(n) pure gold
78  (おうごんひわ)
(n) (uk) American goldfinch (Carduelis tristis)
79  (おうごんりつ)
(n) golden mean
80解禁  (きんかいきん)
(n) lifting of a gold embargo
81看板  (きんかんばん)
(n) signboard with gold or gilt lettering
82魚売り  (きんぎょうり)
(n) goldfish peddling
83魚鉢  (きんぎょばち)
(n) goldfish bowl
84婚式  (きんこんしき)
(n) golden wedding anniversary
85市場  (きんしじょう)
(n) gold market
86準備  (きんじゅんび)
(n) gold reserve
87の鯱  (きんのしゃち)
(n) golden dolphin
88の指輪  (きんのゆびわ)
(n) gold ring
89屏風  (きんびょうぶ)
(n) folding screen covered with gold leaf
90朱文  (しゅぶんきん)
(n) Japanese shubunkin goldfish variety
91彫り  (ちんきんぼり)
(n) gold-inlaid laquerware
92  (ちんきんぼり)
(n) gold-inlaid laquerware
93埋蔵  (まいぞうきん)
(n) buried gold
94貨準備  (きんかじゅんび)
(n) gold reserve
95魚掬い  (きんぎょすくい)
(n) festival game in which participants try to catch goldfish in a shallow paper ladle
96魚の糞  (きんぎょのふん)
(n) (id) a person who tags along (lit: goldfish droppings)
97言名句  (きんげんめいく)
(n) golden (wise) saying
98鉱脈  (きんこうみゃく)
(n) gold vein
99本位制  (きんほんいせい)
(n) the gold standard system
100襴緞子  (きんらんどんす)
(n) gold-brocaded satin damask
101十八  (じゅうはちきん)
(n) 18-carat gold
102一諾千  (いちだくせんきん)
(exp) one's word is worth 1,000 pieces of gold
103分割  (おうごんぶんかつ)
(n) (artistic) golden section
104魚の糞  (きんぎょのうんこ)
(n) (id) a person who tags along (lit: goldfish droppings)
105の鯱  (きんのしゃちほこ)
(n) golden dolphin
106一笑千  (いっしょうせんきん)
(exp) A smile of a beautiful woman is worth a thousand pieces of gold
107色ジャッカル  (きんいろジャッカル)
(n) golden jackal (carnivore, Canis aureus ssp.)
108科玉条  (きんかぎょくじょう)
(n) golden rule (basic principle ensuring success in some activity)
109を着せた指輪  (きんをきせたゆびわ)
(exp) ring plated with gold
110歯にを被せる  (はにきんをかぶせる)
(exp) to crown a tooth with gold
111水泳でを取る  (すいえいできんをとる)
(exp) to win the gold medal in a swimming race
112鉛をに変える  (なまりをきんにかえる)
(exp) to convert lead into gold
113為替本位制度  (きんかわせほんいせいど)
(n) gold exchange standard system
114本位制度  (きんじがねほんいせいど)
(n) gold bullion standard
115沈黙は雄弁は銀  (ちんもくはきんゆうべんはぎん)
(exp) speech is silver, silence is golden
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