Combined Kanji Dictionary/熟語辞典

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1  (る)
(v5r,vi) (1) to leave
2失せ  (うせる)
(v5r) to disappear
3消え  (きえる)
(v5r) to disappear
4切り  (きりる)
(v5r) to cut off
5消し  (けしる)
(v5r,vt) to get rid of
6過ぎ  (すぎる)
(v5r,vi) to pass
7  (すぎる)
(v5r,vi) to pass
8捨て  (すてる)
(v5r,vt) to abandon (ship)
9立ち  (たちる)
(v5r,vi) to leave
10連れ  (つれり)
(n) kidnapping
11連れ  (つれる)
(v5r) to take away
12飛び  (とびる)
(v5r,vi) to flee away
13取り  (とりる)
(v5r,vt) to remove
14  (とりる)
(v5r,vt) to remove
15逃げ  (にげる)
(v5r) to take flight
16抜き  (ぬきる)
(v5r) to (sur)pass
17  (ひきる)
(v5r,vt) to retreat
18引き  (ひきる)
(v5r,vt) to retreat
19持ち  (もちる)
(v5r) to take away
20洗い  (あらいる)
(v5r) to wash away
21歩き  (あるきる)
(v5r) to walk away
22奪い  (うばいる)
(v5r) to take away
23崩れ  (くずれる)
(v5r) to crumble away
24運び  (はこびる)
(v5r) to carry away
25走り  (はしりる)
(v5r) to run away
26忘れ  (わすれる)
(v5r,vt) to forget completely
27最高  (かこいこう)
(n) record high
28この世を  (このよをる)
(exp) to leave this world
29られん坊  (られんぼう)
(n) divorcing woman
30遠くに  (とおくにる)
(exp) to go far away
31葬り  (ほうむりる)
(v5r,vt) to consign to oblivion
32見捨てて  (みすててる)
(v5r) to leave behind
33今をること  (いまをること)
(exp) dating back from now
34の再審  (かこのいしん)
(n) historical revisionism
35華をり実に就く  (かをりじつにつく)
(exp) to discard the flower for the fruit
36る十一月  (るじゅういちがつ)
(n) last November
37過ぎった可能性  (すぎったかのうせい)
(n) might-have-been
38る者は日々に疎し  (るものはひびにうとし)
(exp) Out of sight, out of mind
39地雷除作業  (じらいじょきょぎょう)
(n) mine-clearing operation
40三尺って師の影を踏まず  (んじゃくってしのかげをふまず)
(exp) a student must never forget to honor their teacher (honour)
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