Combined Kanji Dictionary/熟語辞典

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1  (か)
(n-adv,n) the past
2  (ぞ)
(ok) (n-adv,n-t) last year
3  (かけい)
(n) (ling) past tense
4  (かもん)
(n) (abbr) past (exam) question collection
5  (うきょ)
(n,vs) death
6大過  (だいか)
(n) past perfect tense
7半過  (はんか)
(n) imperfect tense
8  (かちょう)
(n) (family) death register
9分詞  (かぶんし)
(n) (ling) past participle
10暗い過  (くらいか)
(n) shadowy past
11運び  (はびさる)
(v5r) to carry away
12最高  (かさいう)
(n) record high
13七仏  (かしちぶつ)
(n) the seven previous incarnations of Buddha
14この世を  (のよをさる)
(exp) to leave this world
15今をること  (いまをさると)
(exp) dating back from now
16完了  (かかんりょう)
(n) (ling) past perfect tense
17の再審  (かのさいしん)
(n) historical revisionism
18問題集  (かもんだいしゅう)
(n) past (exam) question collection
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