Combined Kanji Dictionary/熟語辞典

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1  ()
(num) 1,000
2  (ぎ)
(n) ornamental crossed rafter ends on shrine gables
3  (ぢ)
(n) thousands
4  (ば)
(n) Chiba (city)
5  (よ)
(n) (1) thousand years
6  (よ)
(n) (1) thousand years
7  (や)
(n) (1) 8000
8切る  (ぎる)
(v5r) to cut up fine
9  (ぐさ)
(n) great variety of flowering plants
10  (しお)
(n) (arch) soaking in dye innumerable times
11  (しま)
(n) Kurile Islands
12  (たび)
(n) thousand times
13  (ぢに)
(adv) in pieces
14々に  (ぢに)
(adv) in pieces
15  (とせ)
(n) millennium
16  (とせ)
(n) millennium
17  (どり)
(n) (uk) plover
18  (ひろ)
(n) (1) great depth (lit: thousand fathoms)
19  (もも)
(adj-no) a large number
20  (やよ)
(n) eternity
21  (こどり)
(n) (uk) little ringed plover (Charadrius dubius)
22  (せんに)
(n) one thousand days
23切れる  (ぎれる)
(v1) to be torn off
24葉県  (ばけん)
(n) Chiba prefecture (Kantou area)
25代紙  (よがみ)
(n) gaily colored paper
26代女  (よじょ)
(n) name of a haiku poetess
27  (よろず)
(adv,n-t) exceedingly
28  (やぐさ)
(n) variety of plants
29  (やとせ)
(n) 8000 years
30  (やとせ)
(n) 8000 years
31  (いしどり)
(n) (uk) stone curlew
32  (いそどり)
(n) beach plover
33食い切る  (くいぎる)
(v5r) to bite off
34一夜  (せんいや)
(n) Thousand and One Nights
35日手  (せんにて)
(n) potentially endless repetition of moves
36切れ雲  (ぎれぐも)
(n) scattered clouds
37歳飴  (とせあめ)
(n) red and white candy stick sold at children's festivals
38歳鳥  (とせどり)
(n) (obsc) crane (said to live for 1,000 years)
39鳥足  (どりあし)
(n) tottering steps
40鳥掛け  (どりがけ)
(n) cross-stitch
41  (はまどり)
(n) plover
42打っ切り  (ぶっぎり)
(n) (uk) winning (a race) by a wide margin
43打っ切る  (ぶっぎる)
(v5r) (1) to win (a race) by a wide margin
44  (ももどり)
(n) all sorts of birds
45日紅  (せんにこう)
(n) globe amaranth
46日草  (せんにそう)
(n) globe amaranth
47鳥格子  (どりごうし)
(n) hound's-tooth check
48代万代  (よよろずよ)
(n) for ever and ever
49  (つばめどり)
(n) small Indian pratincole (bird) (Glareola lactea)
50笛小  (ふえこどり)
(n) (uk) piping plover (Charadrius melodus)
51一字  (いじせんきん)
(n) word of great value
52一望  (いぼうせんり)
(n) sweeping view of the eye
53卒長  (せんそつょう)
(n) captain of a thousand
54島列島  (しまれっとう)
(n) Kurile Islands
55乃正法  (のしょうほう)
(n) Chino Shoho (Japanese religious group founded by Chino Yuuko)
56代に八代に  (よにやよに)
(adv) (arch) for millennia and millennia
57羽白小  (はじろこどり)
(n) (uk) ringed plover (Charadrius hiaticula)
58八万四  (はまんしせん)
(n) (1) (Buddh) 84000
59不埒  (ふらせんばん)
(n,adj-na) very insolent
60一諾  (いだくせんきん)
(exp) one's word is worth 1,000 pieces of gold
61一人当  (いにんとうせん)
(n) being a match for a thousand
62一人当  (いにんとうぜん)
(n) being a match for a thousand
63載一遇  (せんざいいぐう)
(n) once in a lifetime (opportunity)
64年一日  (せんねんいじつ)
(n) without intermission for many years
65篇一律  (せんぺんいりつ)
(n) humdrum
66編一律  (せんぺんいりつ)
(n) humdrum
67一日  (いじつせんしゅう)
(n) (waiting) impatiently
68一日  (いせんしゅう)
(n) (waiting) impatiently
69万長者  (せんばんょうじゃ)
(n) multimillionaire
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