Combined Kanji Dictionary/熟語辞典

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1  (つぶら)
(adj-na,n) (uk) round
2  (まどか)
(adj-na,n) round
3  (まるい)
(adj) (1) round
4  (まるみ)
(n) roundness
5  (まるみ)
(n) roundness
6  (まろい)
(ok) (adj) (1) round
7  (えんけい)
(n) (1) round shape
8  (えんたく)
(n) round table
9  (えんだん)
(n) round shot
10  (えんもん)
(n) round design
11  (まるがお)
(n) round face
12  (まるがた)
(n) (1) round shape
13  (まるがた)
(n) (1) round shape
14  (まるぎり)
(n) round gimlet
15  (まるぼん)
(n) round tray
16  (まるまど)
(n) round window
17やか  (まろやか)
(adj-na,n) round
18  (えんきょう)
(n) round mirror
19  (えんきょく)
(n) roundabout way (of speaking or working)
20  (えんりょう)
(n) (obsc) round collar (of traditional Japanese clothing)
21  (まるかがみ)
(n) round mirror
22  (まるがんな)
(n) round carpenter's plane
23真ん  (まんまるい)
(adj) perfectly round
24口類  (えんこうるい)
(n) cyclostomes (eel-like jawless fishes with round mouths used for sucking)
25刃刀  (えんじんとう)
(n) round-edged scalpel
26卓会議  (えんたくかいぎ)
(n) round-table conference
27虫類  (えんちゅうるい)
(n) round worms
28形交差点  (えんけいこうさてん)
(n) roundabout
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