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No.    Site Title ( Affiliation) Level and Category Counts Language
1 iCampus: Free Registration (iCampusj.net)
Japanese Reading and Listening Comprehension Test (I can pass EJU)
Intermediate e-Learning 1138 English
2 Favorite Site Associative Kanji Learning (iCampusj.net)
Learn Kanji Using Stroke Order Animations and Matching Quizzes for PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android
Beginner's Kanji 1033 English
3 Favorite Site uPal: Network Dictionary (iCampusj.net)
Multiple Network Dictionary Search Using Kanji Handwriting Recognition
Elementary Dictionary 352 English
4 iCampus (iCampusj.net)
Japanese Reading and Listening Comprehension Test (Integrated Campus using Advanced Multimedia Processing in a Ubiquitous Society)
Intermediate Test 259 English
5 Favorite Site uPal: United Podcast for Advanced Learning (iCampusj.net)
Kanji Animation Videos
Beginner's Podcast 218 English
6 First Step to Kanji Stroke Orders (iCampusj.net)
Basic rules of stroke order using animations
Beginner's Kanji 214 English
7 List of Japanese Numbers (iCampusj.net)
Beginner's Resources 201 English
8 Joyo Kanji List for Stroke Orders (iCampusj.net)
Elementary Kanji 197 English
9 Favorite Site 連合漢字学習 (iCampusj.net)
Elementary e-Learning 184 Japanese
10 Favorite Site iCampus (iCampusj.net)
Intermediate e-Learning 160 Japanese
11 Favorite Site Kanji Search Using Multiple Methods (iCampusj.net)
Easy search by English mearning, On/Kun/Romaji reading, pinyin, radical and so on.
Beginner's Kanji 118 English
12 Handwriting Practice for Hiragana and Katakana (iCampusj.net)
Recognition for PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android
Beginner's Kana 114 English
13 連合漢字学習 (iCampusj.net)
Elementary Kanji 113 Japanese
14 uPal: Network Dictionary (iCampusj.net)
Elementary Dictionary 72 Japanese
15 Favorite Site Links for Japanese language learning (iCampusj.net)
United Links
Elementary Links 19 Japanese
16 読み書き連合学習 (iCampusj.net)
Elementary e-Learning 8 Japanese
17 暮らしの情報箱 (iCampusj.net)
Intermediate e-Learning 8 Japanese

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