Combined Kanji Dictionary/熟語辞典

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1  ()
(suf) (1) hour
2  (か)
(n-t) summertime
3  (し)
(n) the four seasons
4  (か)
(n-adv,n-t) nowadays
5  (か)
(n) current value
6  (き)
(n) opportunity
7  (き)
(n-adv,n-t) (1) time
8  (き)
(n-adv,n-t) seasons
9  (ぎ)
(n) right time
10  (さ)
(n) time difference
11  ()
(n) events of the day
12  (む)
(n) current affairs
13  (ふ)
(n) emergency
14  (よ)
(n) 4 o'clock
15  (いち)
(n-adv,n) one hour
16  (おう)
(n) ancient times
17  (きん)
(n-adv,n-t) recently
18  (けい)
(n,vs) clocking
19  (さん)
(n-adv) (1) 3 o'clock
20  (ざん)
(adv,n) short while
21  (うん)
(n) tide of the times
22  (かん)
(n-adv,n) (1) time
23  (くう)
(n) space-time
24  (げん)
(n) (1) (school) period
25  (こう)
(n) fad
26  (こう)
(n) (1) statute of limitations
27  (こう)
(n) season
28  (こく)
(n-adv,n-t) instant
29  (しん)
(n) hour hand (watch, clock)
30  (つ)
(n) date
31  (ん)
(n) contemporaries
32  (せい)
(n) spirit of the age
33  (せい)
(n) the times
34  (せい)
(n) (ling) tense
35  (せつ)
(n) (1) season
36  (せん)
(n) (obsc) (pol) time
37  (そう)
(n) (ling) tense
38  (そく)
(n) speed (per hour)
39  (たん)
(n) shortening of time
40  (だい)
(n-t) period
41  (てん)
(n) point in time
42  (はん)
(n) (1) about an hour
43  (ぶん)
(n) modern literature
44  (ぶん)
(n-adv,n-t) time
45  (へい)
(n) evils of the times
46  (ほう)
(n) announcement of time
47  (ろん)
(n) comments on current events
48  (すん)
(n) moment
49  (ずい)
(n-adv,n) at any time
50  (せい)
(n) prime of life
51  (せき)
(n-adv,n-t) old times
52  (せん)
(n-adv,n-t) war time
53  (せん)
(n) latency
54  (せん)
(n) election time
55  (そく)
(adj-no) prompt
56  (てい)
(n) regular time
57  (てき)
(n,adj-na,adj-no) timely
58  (とう)
(n-adv,n-t) at that time
59  (どう)
(n,adj-no) simultaneous(ly)
60  (なん)
(n) what time?
61  (にち)
(n) date and time
62  (にん)
(n) man-hour
63  (へい)
(n) normal times
64  (へん)
(n) a moment
65  (べつ)
(n) another time
66  (まい)
(n-adv,n-t) every hour
67  (よう)
(n-adv,n-t) cradle
68  (りん)
(n,adj-no) temporary
69  (れい)
(n) the usual time
70  (れい)
(n) 12 o'clock (midnight)
71  (いちき)
(n-adv) a period (of time)
72お三  (おさん)
(n) three-o'clock snack
73起動  (きどう)
(n) startup (point in) time
74  (きゅう)
(n-adv,n-t) ancient times
75  (さいき)
(n) almanac of seasonal words (for haiku poets)
76  (しゅん)
(n-adv,n-t) moment
77  (しょう)
(n-adv,n-t) one's early days
78  (きゅう)
(n) hourly pay
79  (きょく)
(n) situation
80限目  (げんめ)
(n) period of time
81差ぼけ  (さぼけ)
(n) jet-lag
82差惚け  (さぼけ)
(n) jet-lag
83  (しゅう)
(n) Buddhist sect
84  (しゅう)
(n) periodic reviewing
85  (しょう)
(n) (ship's) time bell
86辰儀  (しんぎ)
(n) (1) (arch) (obsc) timepiece
87事論  (ろん)
(n) comments on current events
88  (ひょう)
(n) commentary on current events
89  (ょう)
(n-adv,n-t) usually
90  (りゅう)
(n) fashion (current) of the times
91世界  (せかい)
(n) Universal Time
92  (せんか)
(n) in times of war
93地方  (ちほう)
(n) local time
94  (てきだ)
(n) timely hit
95  (どうに)
(adv,conj) coincident with
96  (りんひ)
(n) incidental expenses
97ワット  (ワット)
(n) watt hour
98空き  (あきかん)
(n) free time
99安静  (あんせい)
(n) resting
100  (いちかん)
(n) one hour
101  (いちきん)
(n) lump sum
102  (いちてき)
(adj-na,n) temporary
103  (いつぶん)
(n) about what time
104  (いまぶん)
(n-adv,n-t) about this time
105江戸  (えどだい)
(n) Edo period (1603-1868 CE)
106  (おおだい)
(adj-na,n) old-fashioned
107夏期  (かきかん)
(n) daylight-saving time
108  (かんだい)
(n) Han dynasty
109空腹  (くうふく)
(n) fasting
110  (げんだい)
(n) the present era
111  (げんてん)
(n) present point (i.e. in history)
112恒星  (こうせい)
(n) sidereal time
113  (しんだい)
(n) new period
114間外  (かんがい)
(n) late
115間切れ  (かんぎれ)
(n) (1) being out of time
116間軸  (かんく)
(n) time axis
117間帯  (かんたい)
(n) period of time
118間割り  (かんわり)
(n) timetable
119間割  (かんわり)
(n) timetable
120系列  (けいれつ)
(n) chronological order (time sequential)
121節柄  (せつがら)
(n-adv,n) in these times
122代劇  (だいげき)
(n) historical play
123代相  (だいそう)
(n) phases of the age (times)
124代物  (だいもの)
(n) antiques
125実行  (っこう)
(n) execution-time
126  (かん)
(n) real time
127  (ぶんどき)
(n) mealtime
128十二  (ゅうに)
(n) twelve o'clock
129  (すうかん)
(n) a few hours
130  (そくせい)
(n) promptness
131  (たんかん)
(n-adv,n-t) short time
132  (たんつ)
(n) short period of time
133  (ていせい)
(n) part time (school system)
134  (とうせい)
(n) isochronous
135  (どうせい)
(n) simultaneity
136  (どうだい)
(n) the same age
137  (なつかん)
(n) daylight savings time
138  (なつこく)
(n) daylight-saving time
139奈良  (ならだい)
(n) Nara period (710-794 CE)
140から  (なんから)
(exp) from when
141  (なんかん)
(exp) how many hours?
142妊娠  (にんしん)
(n) during pregnancy
143寝る  (ねるかん)
(n) bedtime
144延べ  (のべかん)
(n) total man-hours
145非常  (ひょう)
(n) (time of) emergency
146  (ふちゃく)
(n,vs) emergency landing
147武家  (ぶけだい)
(n) Feudal period (characterized by the rule of the shogunate as opposed to emperor, 1185-1867 CE)
148分娩  (ぶんべん)
(n) time of delivery (of a child)
149待ち  (まちかん)
(n) waiting time
150持ち  (もちかん)
(n) amount of time one has
151  (りんこう)
(n) temporary worker
152アンペア  (アンペア)
(n) ampere hour
153グリニジ  (グリニジ)
(n) (obsc) Greenwich Time
154飛鳥  (あすかだい)
(n) Asuka period (550-710 CE)
155遊び  (あそびかん)
(n) playtime
156安土  (あづちだい)
(n) Azuchi period (first half of the Azuchi-Momoyama period, 1568-1582 CE)
157育児  (いくかん)
(n) nursing time
158預け  (いちあずけ)
(n) (baggage) checking
159解雇  (いちかいこ)
(n,vs) a layoff
160賜金  (いちしきん)
(n) lump-sum grant
161凌ぎ  (いちしのぎ)
(n) makeshift
162停止  (いちていし)
(n,vs) suspension
163逃れ  (いちのがれ)
(n) quibbling
164払い  (いちばらい)
(n) lump-sum payment
165  (いちばらい)
(n) lump-sum payment
166開始  (かいしこく)
(n) starting time
167稼働  (かどうかん)
(n) number of hours worked
168起動  (きどうかん)
(n) startup (interval of) time
169貴輪  (きりんだい)
(n) (sumo) era at the end of 1970s dominated by grand champion Wajima and ozeki Takanohana
170緊急  (きんきゅう)
(n,adj-no) emergency
171勤務  (きんむかん)
(n) office (business, working) hours
172  (けいがかり)
(n) timekeeper
173原子  (げんしだい)
(n) atomic age
174原始  (げんしだい)
(n) primitive times
175原史  (げんしだい)
(n) protohistory (the period between prehistory and history)
176現地  (げんちかん)
(n) local time
177小一  (こいちかん)
(n) nearly one hour
178古典  (こてんだい)
(n) the classical period
179古墳  (こふんだい)
(n) Tumulus period (of Japanese history)
180死亡  (しぼうこく)
(n) time of death
181収穫  (しゅうかく)
(n) time of harvest
182出願  (しゅつがん)
(n) (at the) time of application
183食事  (しょくどき)
(n) mealtime
184価総額  (かそうがく)
(n) market capitalization
185価発行  (かはっこう)
(n) public offering of new shares at market price
186価評価  (かひょうか)
(n) mark-to-market valuation
187間稼ぎ  (かんかせぎ)
(n) holding out
188間給  (かんきゅう)
(n) hourly pay
189間つぶし  (かんつぶし)
(n) timewasting
190間潰し  (かんつぶし)
(n) timewasting
191間転移  (かんてんい)
(n) time warp
192間通り  (かんどおり)
(n-t) on time
193間どおり  (かんどおり)
(n-t) on time
194間のたつ  (かんのたつ)
(exp) passage of time
195間表  (かんひょう)
(n) (1) time-table
196間を割く  (かんをさく)
(exp) to spare time (for)
197期が早い  (きがはやい)
(exp) before scheduled
198機到来  (きとうらい)
(n) a good chance coming along
199局柄  (きょくがら)
(n) in view of the present situation
200宜によって  (ぎによって)
(exp) depending on circumstances
201空世界  (くうせかい)
(n) space-time continuum
202限装置  (げんそうち)
(n) timing device
203候外れ  (こうはずれ)
(n) unseasonable
204刻表  (こくひょう)
(n) table
205々刻々  (こっこく)
(adv) hourly
206刻刻  (こっこく)
(adv) hourly
207事問題  (もんだい)
(n) current question
208宣を得る  (せんをえる)
(exp) (obsc) (pol) suitable time
209代遅れ  (だいおくれ)
(adj-na,n) old-fashioned
210代錯誤  (だいさくご)
(n) anachronism
211代色  (だいしょく)
(n) characteristics of an age
212代の弊  (だいのへい)
(n) abuses of the times
213代離れ  (だいばなれ)
(n) not up with the times
214代祭  (だいまつり)
(n) Festival of the Ages (Oct. 22 festival held at Heian Jingu Shrine in Kyoto)
215自由  (ゆうかん)
(n) free time
216推古  (すいこだい)
(n) Suiko period (i.e. the Asuka period, esp. under the reign of Empress Suiko, approx. 592-628 CE)
217石器  (せっきだい)
(n) Stone Age
218先史  (せんしだい)
(n) prehistoric era
219  (せんしょく)
(n) wartime appearance
220  (せんちゅう)
(n-t) during the war
221前史  (ぜんしだい)
(n) prehistoric period
222払い  (そくばらい)
(n) spot payment
223田沼  (たぬまだい)
(n) Tanuma period (1767-1786 CE)
224地域  (ちいきこく)
(n) local time
225地質  (ちしつだい)
(n) geological age
226  (ちょうかん)
(n-adv,n-t) long period of time
227  (ちょうくう)
(n) super-dimensional
228停止  (ていしかん)
(n) stop time
229あがり  (ていあがり)
(n) leaving on time (e.g. as opposed to paid or unpaid overtime)
230上がり  (ていあがり)
(n) leaving on time (e.g. as opposed to paid or unpaid overtime)
231鉄器  (てっきだい)
(n) Iron Age
232  (ときよせつ)
(n) times and situations
233計仕掛け  (とけいかけ)
(n) clockwork
234銅器  (どうきだい)
(n) Copper Age (period in which metal tools started to be used alongside stone tools)
235日本  (にほんかん)
(n) Japan time
236飛行  (ひこうかん)
(n) flight time
237不遇  (ふぐうだい)
(n) one's dark days
238法と  (ほうとせい)
(exp) (ling) mood and tense
239無土器  (むどきだい)
(n) (obsc) preceramic period
240明治  (めいだい)
(n) Meiji period (1868-1912)
241大和  (やまとだい)
(n) Yamato period (300-550 CE)
242弥生  (やよいだい)
(n) Yayoi period (c. 300 BCE-300 CE)
243吉野  (よしのだい)
(n) (obsc) Yoshino period (Japan's Northern and Southern Courts period, esp. from the viewpoint of the legitimacy of the Southern Court, 1336-1392 CE)
244利用  (りようかん)
(n) usage time
245輪湖  (りんこだい)
(n) (sumo) era during mid-1970s dominated by grand champions Wajima and Kitanoumi
246閣議  (りんかくぎ)
(n) extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet
247記号  (りんきごう)
(n) (musical) accidental
248政府  (りんせいふ)
(n) provisional government
249雇い  (りんやとい)
(n) temporary employment or employee
250キロワット  (キロワット)
(n) kWh
251グリニッジ  (グリニッジ)
(n) (obsc) Greenwich Time
252曙貴  (あけたかだい)
(n) (sumo) era during mid-1990s dominated by grand champions Akebono and Takanohana II
253足利  (あしかがだい)
(n) Ashikaga period (i.e. the Muromachi period, 1333-1573 CE)
254暗黒  (あんこくだい)
(n) the Dark Ages
255預かり  (いちあずかり)
(n) (baggage) checking
256帰休  (いちききゅう)
(n) temporary layoff
257所得  (いちしょとく)
(n) occasional income
258一日片  (いちにちへん)
(n) short time
259黄金  (おうごんだい)
(n) Golden Age
260開店  (かいてんかん)
(n) opening hours (of a store, restaurant, etc.)
261開廊  (かいろうかん)
(n) opening hours of a gallery
262代的  (かくだいてき)
(adj-na,n) epoch-making
263鎌倉  (かまくらだい)
(n) Kamakura period (1185-1333 CE)
264学生  (がくせいだい)
(n) student days
265北玉  (きたたまだい)
(n) (sumo) era at the turn of 1960s into 70s dominated by grand champions Kitanofuji and Tamanoumi
266桂園  (けいえんだい)
(n) Keien period (between the end of the Russo-Japanese War and the Taisho Political Crisis, approx. 1905-1912 CE)
267源平  (げんぺいだい)
(n) Gempei period (late 11th century-late 12th century CE)
268拘束  (こうそくかん)
(n) total hours spent working
269航続  (こうぞくかん)
(n) duration of a cruise (flight)
270栄えた  (さかえただい)
(n) prosperous age
271作業  (さぎょうかん)
(n) working hours
272三国  (さんごくだい)
(n) (1) Three Kingdoms period (of Chinese history, 220-280 CE)
273のおやつ  (さんのおやつ)
(exp) afternoon refreshment
274のおやつ  (さんのおやつ)
(exp) afternoon refreshment
275のお八つ  (さんのおやつ)
(exp) afternoon refreshment
276就職  (しゅうしょく)
(n) time of employment
277省略  (しょうりゃく)
(n) default
278昭和  (しょうわだい)
(n) Showa period (1926-1989 CE)
279所要  (しょようかん)
(n) the time required
280四六  (しろくちゅう)
(adv,n) around the clock
281間が掛かる  (かんがかかる)
(exp) to take time
282間節約  (かんせつやく)
(n) time preservation
283間通りに  (かんどおりに)
(adv) punctually
284間どおりに  (かんどおりに)
(adv) punctually
285間の歪み  (かんのひずみ)
(n) time warp
286間反転  (かんはんてん)
(n) time reversal (physics)
287間旅行  (かんりょこう)
(n) time travel
288間を空ける  (かんをあける)
(exp) to make oneself available (free)
289間を惜しむ  (かんをおしむ)
(exp) to value time
290間を掛ける  (かんをかける)
(exp) to spend time (on doing something)
291間をかける  (かんをかける)
(exp) to spend time (on doing something)
292間を稼ぐ  (かんをかせぐ)
(exp) to gain time
293機尚早  (きしょうそう)
(n) before its time
294期尚早  (きしょうそう)
(adj-na,n) premature
295限爆弾  (げんばくだん)
(n) time bomb
296限立法  (げんりっぽう)
(n) temporary legislation
297刻到来  (こくとうらい)
(exp) The time has come (for, to, when...)
298差出勤  (さしゅっきん)
(n) staggered work hours
299自習  (しゅうかん)
(n) study time
300世感覚  (せいかんかく)
(n) sense of the the times
301勢感覚  (せいかんかく)
(n) sense of the trend of the times
302節到来  (せつとうらい)
(exp) The time has come (for, to, when...)
303代感覚  (だいかんかく)
(n) sensitivity to the times
304代思潮  (だいしちょう)
(n) thought of the times
305代精神  (だいせいしん)
(n) spirit of the age
306実働  (つどうかん)
(n) actual work hours
307輪金剛  (りんこんごう)
(n) Kalacakra
308睡眠  (すいみんかん)
(n) (one's) sleeping hours
309少ない  (すくないかん)
(n) limited time
310制限  (せいげんかん)
(n) time limit
311青年  (せいねんだい)
(n) (one's) youth
312戦国  (せんごくだい)
(n) (1) Warring States period (of Japanese history, approx. 1467-1568 CE)
313公債  (せんこうさい)
(n) war loan
314体制  (せんたいせい)
(n) wartime regime
315先土器  (せんどきだい)
(n) preceramic period
316代的  (ぜんだいてき)
(adj-na) premodern
317全盛  (ぜんせいだい)
(n) golden age
318走行  (そうこうかん)
(n) run time
319抗告  (そくこうこく)
(n) immediate kokoku appeal
320停戦  (そくていせん)
(n) immediate cease-fire
321滞空  (たいくうかん)
(n) duration of a flight
322昼食  (ちゅうしょく)
(n) lunch time
323通勤  (つうきんかん)
(n) commuting time
324停車  (ていしゃかん)
(n) stoppage time
325徳川  (とくがわだい)
(n) Tokugawa period (i.e. the Edo period, 1600-1867 CE)
326途中計  (とちゅうけい)
(n) one's time at a certain point (at various points) of a race
327栃若  (とちわかだい)
(n) (sumo) era during the 1950s dominated by grand champions Tochinishiki and Wakanohana I
328通訳  (どうつうやく)
(n,vs) simultaneous interpretation
329放送  (どうほうそう)
(n) simulcast
330録音  (どうろくおん)
(n) simultaneous or synchronous recording
331日帝  (にっていだい)
(n) era of Japanese imperialism
332二六  (にろくちゅう)
(adv,n) night and day
333柏鵬  (はくほうだい)
(n) (sumo) era during 1960s dominated by grand champions Taiho and Kashiwado
334白鳳  (はくほうだい)
(n) Hakuho period (esp. used as a period of art history, approx. 645-710 CE)
335発見  (はっけんだい)
(n) (obsc) Age of Discovery
336犯行  (はんこうこく)
(n) time of the crime
337氷河  (ひょうがだい)
(n) ice age
338標準  (ひょうゅん)
(n) standard time
339着陸  (ふちゃくりく)
(n) emergency landing
340藤原  (ふわらだい)
(n) Fujiwara period (esp. used as a period of art history, approx. 894-1185 CE)
341平安  (へいあんだい)
(n) Heian period (794-1185)
342平成  (へいせいだい)
(n) Heisei period (1989-)
343閉店  (へいてんかん)
(n) closing hours (of a store, restaurant, etc.)
344封建  (ほうけんだい)
(n) feudal period
345放送  (ほうそうかん)
(n) time (for a program, programme)
346室町  (むろまちだい)
(n) Muromachi period (1333-1573 CE)
347面会  (めんかいかん)
(n) visiting or office hours
348桃山  (ももやまだい)
(n) Momoyama period (latter half of the Azuchi-Momoyama period, approx. 1583-1600 CE)
349幼年  (ようねんだい)
(n) childhood
350国会  (りんこっかい)
(n) extraordinary session of the Diet
351増刊  (りんぞうかん)
(n) extra (special) issue (e.g. of a magazine)
352列車  (りんれっしゃ)
(n) special train
353労働  (ろうどうかん)
(n) working hours
354露出  (ろしゅつかん)
(n) exposure time
355割引  (わりびきかん)
(n) discounted hours
356アマルナ  (アマルナだい)
(n) Amarna period (of Egyptian history)
357間以内  (いちかんいない)
(n) within one hour
358営業  (えいぎょうかん)
(n) business hours
359王朝  (おうちょうだい)
(n) Dynastic period (the Nara period and esp. the Heian period, characterized by the rule of the emperor as opposed to shogunate)
360大御所  (おおごしょだい)
(n) Ogosho period (between the Kansei Reforms and the Tempo Reforms, approx. 1787-1843)
361完了  (かんりょうせい)
(n) (ling) perfect tense
362休憩  (きゅうけいかん)
(n) rest time
363休息  (きゅうそくかん)
(n) recess
364旧幕  (きゅうばくだい)
(n) the shogunate period
365金属器  (きんぞくきだい)
(n) Metal Age (i.e. the Bronze Age and the Iron Age)
366集合  (しゅうごうかん)
(n) time appointed for meeting (assembling)
367出勤  (しゅっきんかん)
(n) hour for reporting to work
368出発  (しゅっぱつかん)
(n) starting (departure) time
369織豊  (しょくほうだい)
(n) Shokuho period (i.e. the Azuchi-Momoyama period, approx. 1568-1600 CE)
370新石器  (しんせっきだい)
(n) new stone age
371間外手当て  (かんがいてあて)
(exp) overtime pay
372間の問題  (かんのもんだい)
(n) just a matter of time
373期に差し掛ける  (きにさしかける)
(v1) to get close to the time
374期に差しかける  (きにさしかける)
(v1) to get close to the time
375代考証  (だいこうしょう)
(n) background research
376代小説  (だいしょうせつ)
(n) historical novel
377間処理  (かんしょり)
(n) real-time operation
378授業  (ゅぎょうかん)
(n) school hours
379上映  (ょうえいかん)
(n) running time (e.g. of movie)
380貞観  (ょうがんだい)
(n) Jougan period (of art history, 859-877 CE)
381接続  (ょうせつぞく)
(n) always-on connection
382縄文  (ょうもんだい)
(n) the Jomon period
383間為れば  (すうかんすれば)
(exp) in a few hours
384青春  (せいしゅんだい)
(n) one's youth
385青銅器  (せいどうきだい)
(n) Bronze Age
386産業  (せんさんぎょう)
(n) wartime industry
387大正  (たいしょうだい)
(n) Taisho period (1912-1926 CE)
388大空位  (だいくういだい)
(n) Great Interregnum (gap between Hohenstaufen and Habsburg rule of the Holy Roman Empire, approx. 1254-1273 CE)
389天平  (てんぴょうだい)
(n) Tempyo period (esp. used as a period of art history, 710-794 CE)
390到着  (とうちゃくこく)
(n) arrival time
391日照  (にっしょうかん)
(n) daylight hours
392晴一小雨  (はれいちこさめ)
(n) clear, with brief light rain
393東山  (ひがしやまだい)
(n) Higashiyama period (cultural and artistic period of the mid-Muromachi)
394常陸梅  (ひたちうめだい)
(n) (sumo) era during early 1900s dominated by the grand champions Hitachiyama and Umegatani II
395古き良き  (ふるきよきだい)
(exp) the good old days
396米東部  (べいとうぶかん)
(n) Eastern Standard Time (US)
397勉強  (べんきょうかん)
(n) one's study hours (time)
398飽食  (ほうしょくだい)
(n) current era of excessive eating
399律令  (りつりょうだい)
(n) Ritsuryo period (mid 7th-10th centuries CE)
400預所  (いちあずかりしょ)
(n) cloakroom
401預所  (いちあずかりょ)
(n) cloakroom
402帰休制  (いちききゅうせい)
(n) layoff system
403江戸代文学  (えどだいぶんがく)
(n) Edo-period literature
404旧石器  (きゅうせっきだい)
(n) old stone age
405協定世界  (きょうていせかい)
(n) Coordinated Universal Time
406群伝搬  (ぐんでんぱんかん)
(n) group delay (in fibre optics, fiber optics)
407原子力  (げんしりょくだい)
(n) atomic age
408就業  (しゅうぎょうかん)
(n) work hours
409終業  (しゅうぎょうかん)
(n) closing hour
410春秋  (しゅんゅうだい)
(n) Spring and Autumn period (of Chinese history, approx. 770-403 BCE)
411価会計制度  (かかいけいせいど)
(n) mark-to-market accounting system
412間外労働  (かんがいろうどう)
(n) overtime work
413間割りを直す  (かんわりをなおす)
(exp) to alter the schedule
414勢に伴って  (せいにともなって)
(exp) in step with the times
415世を憤る  (せいをいきどおる)
(exp) to be indignant at the times
416国際法  (せんこくさいほう)
(n) international law in time of war
417大航海  (だいこうかいだい)
(n) Age of Discovery
418中石器  (ちゅうせっきだい)
(n) Mesolithic age
419平均太陽  (へいきんたいよう)
(n) mean solar time
420吉野朝  (よしのちょうだい)
(n) (obsc) Yoshino period (Japan's Northern and Southern Courts period, esp. from the viewpoint of the legitimacy of the Southern Court, 1336-1392 CE)
421安土桃山  (あずちももやまだい)
(n) Azuchi-Momoyama period (approx. 1558-1600 CE)
422点においては  (げんてんにおいては)
(n) at the present time
423行動発起  (こうどうはっきこく)
(n) h-hour
424間係審判  (かんがかりしんぱん)
(n) sumo judge timing the matches
425間順序積  (かんゅんょせき)
(n) time ordered product (physics)
426間の許す限り  (かんのゆるすかぎり)
(n) as long as time allows
427代と共に歩む  (だいとともにあゆむ)
(exp) to move along with the times
428正統カリフ  (せいとうカリフだい)
(n) Rashidun period (the period of the Rightly Guided Caliphs, 632-661 CE)
429先縄文  (せんょうもんだい)
(n) (obsc) pre-Jomon period (i.e. the preceramic period)
430先カンブリア  (せんカンブリアだい)
(n) Precambrian era
431南北朝  (なんぼくちょうだい)
(n) period of the northern and southern dynasties (in China, 5th-6th c. CE in Japan, 1336-92)
432二十四間制  (にゅうよかんせい)
(n) around-the-clock system
433日本標準  (にほんひょうゅん)
(n) Japanese Standard Time
434文化文政  (ぶんかぶんせいだい)
(n) Bunka-Bunsei period (approx. 1804-1830 CE)
435グリニッジ平均  (グリニッジへいきん)
(n) (obsc) Greenwich Mean Time
436バブル経済  (バブルけいざいだい)
(n) bubble economy era
437金石併用  (きんせきへいようだい)
(n) Chalcolithic period (i.e. the Copper Period)
438高度成長  (こうどせいちょうだい)
(n) high-growth era
439獲得モデル  (しゅんかくとくモデル)
(n) instantaneous acquisition model
440所定労働  (しょていろうどうかん)
(n) fixed working hours
441所要間を計る  (しょようかんをはかる)
(exp) to calculate the time required
442節柄の贈り物  (せつがらのおくりもの)
(n) seasonable gift
443流に乗って泳ぐ  (りゅうにのっておよぐ)
(exp) to swim with the current
444万国標準  (ばんこくひょうゅん)
(n) universal time
445弘仁貞観  (こうにんょうがんだい)
(n) Kounin-Jougan period (of Japanese art history, approx. 794-894 CE)
446これを書いている点で  (これをかいているてんで)
(exp) at the time of writing
447就業間中  (しゅうぎょうかんちゅう)
(n) during working hours
448中央標準  (ちゅうおうひょうゅん)
(n) Central Standard Time
449グリニッジ標準  (グリニッジひょうゅん)
(n) Greenwich mean time
450魏晋南北朝  (ぎしんなんぼくちょうだい)
(n) Wei, Jin, and Southern and Northern Dynasties period (220-589 CE)
451就寝のお伽話  (しゅうしんのおとぎばなし)
(n) bedtime story
452空間情報科学  (くうかんょうほうかがく)
(n) spatio-temporal information science
453手荷物一預かり所  (てにもついちあずかりしょ)
(n) short-term hand-luggage storage
454睡眠無呼吸症候群  (すいみんむこきゅうしょうこうぐん)
(n) sleep apnea syndrome
455柳の下に何も泥鰌は居らぬ  (やなぎのしたにいつもどようはおらぬ)
(exp) (obsc) just because a method works once doesn't mean it will work every time (lit: there aren't always loach under the willow tree)
456販売点情報管理システム  (はんばいてんょうほうかんりシステム)
(n) point-of-sale system
457緊急環境線量情報予測システム  (きんきゅうかんきょうせんりょうょうほうよそくシステム)
(n) System for Prediction of Environmental Emergency Dose Information
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