Combined Kanji Dictionary/熟語辞典

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1  (かじ)
(n-t) summertime
2  (じき)
(n-adv,n-t) (1) time
3  (じぎ)
(n) right time
4  (じさ)
(n) time difference
5  (とき)
(n-adv,n) (1) time
6  (いつか)
(adv) (uk) sometime
7  (おうじ)
(n) ancient times
8  (じうん)
(n) tide of the times
9  (じかん)
(n-adv,n) (1) time
10  (じくう)
(n) space-time
11  (じせい)
(n) the times
12  (じせん)
(n) (obsc) (pol) time
13  (じたん)
(n) shortening of time
14  (じてん)
(n) point in time
15  (じぶん)
(n-adv,n-t) time
16  (じへい)
(n) evils of the times
17  (じほう)
(n) announcement of time
18  (ずいじ)
(n-adv,n) at any time
19  (せきじ)
(n-adv,n-t) old times
20  (せんじ)
(n) election time
21  (せんじ)
(n-adv,n-t) war time
22  (ていじ)
(n) regular time
23  (てきじ)
(n,adj-na,adj-no) timely
24  (でどき)
(n,vs) time of departure
25  (とうじ)
(n-adv,n-t) at that time
26  (なんじ)
(n) what time?
27  (にちじ)
(n) date and time
28  (へいじ)
(n) normal times
29  (べつじ)
(n) another time
30  (れいじ)
(n) the usual time
31  (いちじき)
(n-adv) a period (of time)
32でも  (いつでも)
(adv) (uk) (at) any time
33起動  (きどうじ)
(n) startup (point in) time
34  (きゅうじ)
(n-adv,n-t) ancient times
35死に  (しにどき)
(n) time to die
36限目  (じげんめ)
(n) period of time
37  (じしょう)
(n) (ship's) time bell
38辰儀  (じしんぎ)
(n) (1) (arch) (obsc) timepiece
39  (じりゅう)
(n) fashion (current) of the times
40  (せんじか)
(n) in times of war
41その  (そのとき)
(exp) at that time
42地方  (ちほうじ)
(n) local time
43  (てきじだ)
(n) timely hit
44  (ときおり)
(n-adv) sometimes
45おり  (ときおり)
(n-adv) sometimes
46  (ときどき)
(adv,n) sometimes
47  (ときどき)
(adv,n) sometimes
48には  (ときには)
(adv,exp) at times
49  (なつどき)
(n-t) summertime
50  (なんどき)
(n) what time
51退き  (ひきどき)
(n) a good time to quit
52引け  (ひけどき)
(n) closing time
53  (めしどき)
(n) mealtime
54空き  (あきじかん)
(n) free time
55  (いちどきに)
(adv) at a time
56  (いつじぶん)
(n) about what time
57  (いまじぶん)
(n-adv,n-t) about this time
58夏期  (かきじかん)
(n) daylight-saving time
59恒星  (こうせいじ)
(n) sidereal time
60御飯  (ごはんどき)
(n) mealtime
61ご飯  (ごはんどき)
(n) mealtime
62間切れ  (じかんぎれ)
(n) (1) being out of time
63間軸  (じかんじく)
(n) time axis
64間帯  (じかんたい)
(n) period of time
65間割  (じかんわり)
(n) timetable
66間割り  (じかんわり)
(n) timetable
67系列  (じけいれつ)
(n) chronological order (time sequential)
68節柄  (じせつがら)
(n-adv,n) in these times
69代相  (じだいそう)
(n) phases of the age (times)
70実行  (じっこうじ)
(n) execution-time
71  (じつじかん)
(n) real time
72  (じぶんどき)
(n) mealtime
73  (たんじかん)
(n-adv,n-t) short time
74  (たんじじつ)
(n) short period of time
75  (ていじせい)
(n) part time (school system)
76  (なつじかん)
(n) daylight savings time
77  (なつじこく)
(n) daylight-saving time
78寝る  (ねるじかん)
(n) bedtime
79非常  (ひじょうじ)
(n) (time of) emergency
80暇な  (ひまなとき)
(n) leisure time
81分娩  (ぶんべんじ)
(n) time of delivery (of a child)
82待ち  (まちじかん)
(n) waiting time
83持ち  (もちじかん)
(n) amount of time one has
84遊び  (あそびじかん)
(n) playtime
85育児  (いくじじかん)
(n) nursing time
86なんどき  (いつなんどき)
(adv) (uk) at any time
87  (いつなんどき)
(adv) (uk) at any time
88開始  (かいしじこく)
(n) starting time
89起動  (きどうじかん)
(n) startup (interval of) time
90切り換え  (きりかえとき)
(n) response time
91切り替え  (きりかえとき)
(n) response time
92切り替え  (きりかえどき)
(n) response time
93切り換え  (きりかえどき)
(n) response time
94  (けいじがかり)
(n) timekeeper
95原始  (げんしじだい)
(n) primitive times
96現地  (げんちじかん)
(n) local time
97死亡  (しぼうじこく)
(n) time of death
98収穫  (しゅうかくじ)
(n) time of harvest
99出願  (しゅつがんじ)
(n) (at the) time of application
100食事  (しょくじどき)
(n) mealtime
101間つぶし  (じかんつぶし)
(n) timewasting
102間潰し  (じかんつぶし)
(n) timewasting
103間転移  (じかんてんい)
(n) time warp
104間どおり  (じかんどおり)
(n-t) on time
105間通り  (じかんどおり)
(n-t) on time
106間のたつ  (じかんのたつ)
(exp) passage of time
107間表  (じかんひょう)
(n) (1) time-table
108間を割く  (じかんをさく)
(exp) to spare time (for)
109空世界  (じくうせかい)
(n) space-time continuum
110宣を得る  (じせんをえる)
(exp) (obsc) (pol) suitable time
111代の弊  (じだいのへい)
(n) abuses of the times
112代離れ  (じだいばなれ)
(n) not up with the times
113自由  (じゆうじかん)
(n) free time
114  (せんじしょく)
(n) wartime appearance
115地域  (ちいきじこく)
(n) local time
116  (ちょうじかん)
(n-adv,n-t) long period of time
117停止  (ていしじかん)
(n) stop time
118あがり  (ていじあがり)
(n) leaving on time (e.g. as opposed to paid or unpaid overtime)
119上がり  (ていじあがり)
(n) leaving on time (e.g. as opposed to paid or unpaid overtime)
120の帝  (ときのみかど)
(n) emperor of the time
121  (ときよじせつ)
(n) times and situations
122を刻む  (ときをきざむ)
(exp) to mark the passage of time
123を告げる  (ときをつげる)
(exp) to announce the time
124でも  (なんどきでも)
(adv) (uk) (at) any time
125日本  (にほんじかん)
(n) Japan time
126飛行  (ひこうじかん)
(n) flight time
127まさかの  (まさかのとき)
(exp) in time of need
128利用  (りようじかん)
(n) usage time
129一日片  (いちにちへんじ)
(n) short time
130就職  (しゅうしょくじ)
(n) time of employment
131所要  (しょようじかん)
(n) the time required
132間が掛かる  (じかんがかかる)
(exp) to take time
133間節約  (じかんせつやく)
(n) time preservation
134間の歪み  (じかんのひずみ)
(n) time warp
135間反転  (じかんはんてん)
(n) time reversal (physics)
136間旅行  (じかんりょこう)
(n) time travel
137間を惜しむ  (じかんをおしむ)
(exp) to value time
138間を掛ける  (じかんをかける)
(exp) to spend time (on doing something)
139間をかける  (じかんをかける)
(exp) to spend time (on doing something)
140間を稼ぐ  (じかんをかせぐ)
(exp) to gain time
141機尚早  (じきしょうそう)
(n) before its time
142限爆弾  (じげんばくだん)
(n) time bomb
143刻到来  (じこくとうらい)
(exp) The time has come (for, to, when...)
144自習  (じしゅうじかん)
(n) study time
145世感覚  (じせいかんかく)
(n) sense of the the times
146勢感覚  (じせいかんかく)
(n) sense of the trend of the times
147節到来  (じせつとうらい)
(exp) The time has come (for, to, when...)
148代感覚  (じだいかんかく)
(n) sensitivity to the times
149代思潮  (じだいしちょう)
(n) thought of the times
150少ない  (すくないじかん)
(n) limited time
151制限  (せいげんじかん)
(n) time limit
152体制  (せんじたいせい)
(n) wartime regime
153戦争の  (せんそうのとき)
(n) times of war
154走行  (そうこうじかん)
(n) run time
155昼食  (ちゅうしょくじ)
(n) lunch time
156通勤  (つうきんじかん)
(n) commuting time
157停車  (ていしゃじかん)
(n) stoppage time
158は金成り  (ときはかねなり)
(iK) (exp) time is money
159は金也  (ときはかねなり)
(exp) time is money
160は金なり  (ときはかねなり)
(exp) time is money
161計信管  (とけいしんかん)
(n) time fuse (often used to detonate high explosives)
162途中計  (とちゅうけいじ)
(n) one's time at a certain point (at various points) of a race
163犯行  (はんこうじこく)
(n) time of the crime
164標準  (ひょうじゅんじ)
(n) standard time
165放送  (ほうそうじかん)
(n) time (for a program, programme)
166露出  (ろしゅつじかん)
(n) exposure time
167まで経っても  (いつまでたっても)
(exp) no matter how much time passes
168休憩  (きゅうけいじかん)
(n) rest time
169集合  (しゅうごうじかん)
(n) time appointed for meeting (assembling)
170出発  (しゅっぱつじかん)
(n) starting (departure) time
171間外手当て  (じかんがいてあて)
(exp) overtime pay
172間の問題  (じかんのもんだい)
(n) just a matter of time
173期に差しかける  (じきにさしかける)
(v1) to get close to the time
174期に差し掛ける  (じきにさしかける)
(v1) to get close to the time
175間処理  (じつじかんしょり)
(n) real-time operation
176上映  (じょうえいじかん)
(n) running time (e.g. of movie)
177水晶  (すいしょうどけい)
(n) crystal or quartz timepiece
178産業  (せんじさんぎょう)
(n) wartime industry
179到着  (とうちゃくじこく)
(n) arrival time
180勉強  (べんきょうじかん)
(n) one's study hours (time)
181間外労働  (じかんがいろうどう)
(n) overtime work
182勢に伴って  (じせいにともなって)
(exp) in step with the times
183世を憤る  (じせいをいきどおる)
(exp) to be indignant at the times
184国際法  (せんじこくさいほう)
(n) international law in time of war
185年貢の納め  (ねんぐのおさめどき)
(exp) time to pay the piper
186平均太陽  (へいきんたいようじ)
(n) mean solar time
187点においては  (げんじてんにおいては)
(n) at the present time
188間順序積  (じかんじゅんじょせき)
(n) time ordered product (physics)
189間の許す限り  (じかんのゆるすかぎり)
(n) as long as time allows
190代と共に歩む  (じだいとともにあゆむ)
(exp) to move along with the times
191と場合によって  (ときとばあいによって)
(exp) should time and circumstances permit
192所要間を計る  (しょようじかんをはかる)
(exp) to calculate the time required
193万国標準  (ばんこくひょうじゅんじ)
(n) universal time
194これを書いている点で  (これをかいているじてんで)
(exp) at the time of writing
195空しく費やされた  (むなしくついやされたとき)
(n) wasted time
196グリニッジ標準  (グリニッジひょうじゅんじ)
(n) Greenwich mean time
197就寝のお伽話  (しゅうしんじのおとぎばなし)
(n) bedtime story
198柳の下に何も泥鰌は居らぬ  (やなぎのしたにいつもどじようはおらぬ)
(exp) (obsc) just because a method works once doesn't mean it will work every time (lit: there aren't always loach under the willow tree)
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