Combined Kanji Dictionary/熟語辞典

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1  (じ)
(suf) (1) hour
2  (いちじ)
(n-adv,n) one hour
3  (じしん)
(n) hour hand (watch, clock)
4  (じそく)
(n) speed (per hour)
5  (じはん)
(n) (1) about an hour
6  (にんじ)
(n) man-hour
7  (まいじ)
(n-adv,n-t) every hour
8  (いっとき)
(n-adv,n) one hour
9  (しおどき)
(n) tidal hour
10  (じきゅう)
(n) hourly pay
11  (はんとき)
(n-adv,n-t) about an hour
12ワット  (ワットじ)
(n) watt hour
13  (いちじかん)
(n) one hour
14  (すうじかん)
(n) a few hours
15  (すなどけい)
(n) hourglass
16  (なんじかん)
(exp) how many hours?
17延べ  (のべじかん)
(n) total man-hours
18アンペア  (アンペアじ)
(n) ampere hour
19稼働  (かどうじかん)
(n) number of hours worked
20勤務  (きんむじかん)
(n) office (business, working) hours
21小一  (こいちじかん)
(n) nearly one hour
22間給  (じかんきゅう)
(n) hourly pay
23刻刻  (じじこっこく)
(adv) hourly
24々刻々  (じじこっこく)
(adv) hourly
25開店  (かいてんじかん)
(n) opening hours (of a store, restaurant, etc.)
26開廊  (かいろうじかん)
(n) opening hours of a gallery
27拘束  (こうそくじかん)
(n) total hours spent working
28作業  (さぎょうじかん)
(n) working hours
29差出勤  (じさしゅっきん)
(n) staggered work hours
30実働  (じつどうじかん)
(n) actual work hours
31睡眠  (すいみんじかん)
(n) (one's) sleeping hours
32閉店  (へいてんじかん)
(n) closing hours (of a store, restaurant, etc.)
33面会  (めんかいじかん)
(n) visiting or office hours
34労働  (ろうどうじかん)
(n) working hours
35割引  (わりびきじかん)
(n) discounted hours
36間以内  (いちじかんいない)
(n) within one hour
37営業  (えいぎょうじかん)
(n) business hours
38出勤  (しゅっきんじかん)
(n) hour for reporting to work
39授業  (じゅぎょうじかん)
(n) school hours
40間為れば  (すうじかんすれば)
(exp) in a few hours
41日照  (にっしょうじかん)
(n) daylight hours
42勉強  (べんきょうじかん)
(n) one's study hours (time)
43就業  (しゅうぎょうじかん)
(n) work hours
44終業  (しゅうぎょうじかん)
(n) closing hour
45計ポインタ  (すなどけいポインタ)
(n) hourglass pointer
46行動発起  (こうどうはっきじこく)
(n) h-hour
47所定労働  (しょていろうどうじかん)
(n) fixed working hours
48就業間中  (しゅうぎょうじかんちゅう)
(n) during working hours
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