Combined Kanji Dictionary/熟語辞典

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1  (さいだん)
(n,vs) (1) judgement
2  (しょだん)
(n,vs) judgement
3  (どくだん)
(n,adj-no,adv) one's own judgement (judgment)
4  (はんだん)
(n,vs) judgement
5  (めいだん)
(n,vs) clear or definite judgement (judgment)
6価値判  (かちはんだん)
(n) value judgement
7を下す  (だんをくだす)
(exp) to pass judgment (judgement)
8中止  (はんだんちゅうし)
(n) suspension of judgement (judgment)
9仮言的判  (かげんてきはんだん)
(n) (obsc) hypothetical judgment (judgement)
10選言的判  (せんげんてきはんだん)
(n) (obsc) disjunctive judgment (judgement)
11定言的判  (ていげんてきはんだん)
(n) (obsc) categorical judgment (judgement)
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