Combined Kanji Dictionary/熟語辞典

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1  (けつだん)
(n,vs) decision
2  (せいだん)
(n) imperial decision
3  (せんだん)
(adj-na,n) arbitrary decision
4  (そくだん)
(n,vs) prompt decision
5  (そくだん)
(n,vs) rash decision
6  (もうだん)
(n,vs) reckless decision
7  (ゆうだん)
(n,vs) resolute decision
8  (ゆうだん)
(n) manly decision
9大英  (だいえいだん)
(n) resolute decision
10政治決  (せいじけつだん)
(n) political decision
11即決  (そくだんそっけつ)
(n) making a swift decision
12即決即  (そっけつそくだん)
(n,vs) prompt decision and prompt execution
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