Combined Kanji Dictionary/熟語辞典

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1  (せつだん)
(n,vs) cutting off
2  (せつだん)
(n,vs) cutting
3ち切り  (たちきり)
(n) cutting apart
4切り  (たちきり)
(n) cutting apart
5  (だんさい)
(n,vs) cutting
6  (れきだん)
(n,vs) cutting in two under train wheels
7  (さいだんき)
(n) cutting machine (cloth)
8裁機  (だんさいき)
(n) cutting machine
9り方  (ことわりかた)
(n) way of cutting off
10アーク切  (アークせつだん)
(n) arc cutting
11一刀両  (いっとうりょうだん)
(n) cutting in two with a single stroke
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