Combined Kanji Dictionary/熟語辞典

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1  (し)
(n) pupil
2  (あいし)
(n) fellow students
3  (あにし)
(n) senior schoolmate
4  (うちし)
(n) private pupil
5  (しんし)
(n) newcomers in professional sumo
6  (じきし)
(n) personal pupil
7子入り  (しいり)
(n,vs) apprenticeship
8  (まごし)
(n) disciples of one's disciples
9  (またし)
(n) indirect pupil
10  (まなし)
(n) favorite pupil
11一番  (いちばんし)
(n) the (one's) best pupil
12々子  (おとうとし)
(n) pupil
13  (おとうとし)
(n) pupil
14  (きょうだいし)
(n) fellow pupil (apprentice)
15子検査  (しんしけんさ)
(n) medical examination of entrants in professional sumo

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