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1  (てい)
(n) (1) (hum) younger brother
2  (ぎてい)
(n) younger brother-in-law
3  (ぐてい)
(n) (1) (hum) younger brother
4  (してい)
(n) older sister and younger brother
5  (してい)
(n) teacher and student
6  (してい)
(n) young(er) people
7  (ていし)
(n) pupil
8  (とてい)
(n) apprentice
9  (おうてい)
(n) royal prince
10  (けいてい)
(n) siblings
11  (けんてい)
(n) wise younger brother
12  (こうてい)
(n) filial piety
13  (こうてい)
(n) best pupil
14  (しゃてい)
(n) (1) my younger brother
15  (じってい)
(n) one's (biological) younger brother
16  (ていまい)
(n) younger brother and sister
17  (ばってい)
(n) youngest brother
18  (ぼうてい)
(n) one's deceased younger brother
19  (まってい)
(n) youngest brother
20  (もんてい)
(n) disciple
21  (れいてい)
(n) your younger brother
22  (しょうてい)
(n) young brother
23  (しょうてい)
(n) my foolish brother
24  (じゃくてい)
(n) young brother
25  (じゅうてい)
(n) (uk) cousin (male, younger than the writer)
26制度  (とていせいど)
(n) an apprentice system
27愚兄賢  (ぐけいけんてい)
(n) a foolish older brother and a smart younger
28再従  (さいじゅうてい)
(n) younger second cousin
29四海兄  (しかいけいてい)
(exp) people in the whole world being all brothers
30従兄  (じゅうけいてい)
(n) (uk) male cousin
31企業舎  (きぎょうしゃてい)
(n) front company (for an organized crime operation)
32再従姉  (さいじゅうけいてい)
(n) second cousin
33二従兄  (さいじゅうけいてい)
(n) second cousin
34二従姉  (さいじゅうけいてい)
(n) second cousin
35再従兄  (さいじゅうけいてい)
(n) second cousin
36牆に鬩ぐ  (けいていかきにせめぐ)
(exp,v5g) sibling rivalry
37兄たり難くたり難し  (けいたりがたくていたりがたし)
(exp) there is little to choose between the two
38牆に鬩げども、外その務を禦ぐ  (けいていかきにせめげども、そとそのあなどりをふせぐ)
(exp,v5g) though siblings may fight at home, outside the home they protect each other from slight

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