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1  (きょうだい)
(n) siblings
2  (きょうだい)
(ik) (n) older sister and younger brother
3義兄  (ぎきょうだい)
(n) brother-in-law
4ご兄  (ごきょうだい)
(n) (hon) siblings
5御兄  (ごきょうだい)
(n) (hon) siblings
6乳兄  (ちきょうだい)
(n) foster brother or sister
7親兄  (おやきょうだい)
(n) parents and siblings
8  (きょうだいあい)
(n) brotherly love
9  (きょうだいでし)
(n) fellow pupil (apprentice)
10  (きょうだいぶん)
(n) buddy
11喧嘩  (きょうだいげんか)
(n,vs) quarrel between brothers
12げんか  (きょうだいげんか)
(n,vs) quarrel between brothers
13姉妹  (きょうだいしまい)
(n) brothers and sisters
14の義を結ぶ  (きょうだいのぎをむすぶ)
(exp) become sworn brothers

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