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1  (おとうと)
(ik) (n) younger brother-in-law
2  (おとうと)
(n) (1) (hum) younger brother
3  (おとうとご)
(n) your younger brother
4  (おとうとぎみ)
(n) (arch) (pol) younger brother
5さん  (おとうとさん)
(n) (hon) younger brother
6  (おとうとでし)
(n) pupil
7々子  (おとうとでし)
(n) pupil
8  (おとうとぶん)
(n) friend treated as younger brother
9  (おとうとよめ)
(n) younger brother's wife
10息子  (おとうとむすこ)
(n) younger sons
11  (おとうとむすめ)
(n) younger daughters

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