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1  (くに)
(n) country
2  (くにつ)
(adj-pn) (arch) of the land
3  (くにつ)
(adj-pn) (arch) of the land
4  (くにがら)
(n) national character
5  (くにがわ)
(n) the State
6  (くにぐに)
(n) countries
7  (くにぐに)
(n) countries
8  (くにばら)
(n) spacious country
9  (くにびと)
(n) indigenous person
10  (くにぶり)
(n) (1) national customs and manners
11  (くにべつ)
(n) by country
12  (くにます)
(n) (uk) Oncorhynchus nerka kawamurae (extinct Japanese subspecies of sockeye salmon)
13  (くにもと)
(n) hometown
14  (くにもと)
(n) hometown
15  (なのくに)
(n) Country of Na (a country that existed within Japan during the Yayoi period)
16根の  (ねのくに)
(n) (arch) underworld
17  (やすくに)
(n) Yasukuni (Shrine)
18  (わがくに)
(n) our country
19わが  (わがくに)
(n) our country
20我が  (わがくに)
(n) our country
21  (くにおもて)
(n) one's home
22構え  (くにがまえ)
(n) kanji "country" radical
23言葉  (くにことば)
(n) national language
24  (くにざかい)
(n) national or state border
25自慢  (くにじまん)
(n) national or local pride
26  (くにじゅう)
(n) all over the country
27尽くし  (くにずくし)
(n) enumeration of the names of countries
28つ神  (くにつかみ)
(n) gods of the land
29津神  (くにつかみ)
(n) gods of the land
30造り  (くにづくり)
(n) nation building
31づくり  (くにづくり)
(n) nation building
32  (くになまり)
(n) dialect
33の本  (くにのもと)
(n) national principles
34を売る  (くにをうる)
(exp) to betray one's country (to an enemy)
35底の  (そこのくに)
(n) (arch) underworld
36八洲  (やしまくに)
(n) (arch) Japan
37夜見の  (よみのくに)
(n) hades
38黄泉の  (よみのくに)
(n) hades
39自慢  (おくにじまん)
(n) boasting of one's hometown
40自慢  (おくにじまん)
(n) boasting of one's hometown
41お伽の  (おとぎのくに)
(n) a fairyland or never-never land
42御伽の  (おとぎのくに)
(n) a fairyland or never-never land
43  (くにざむらい)
(n) provincial samurai
44の栄え  (くにのさかえ)
(n) prosperity of a country
45の誉れ  (くにのほまれ)
(n) national glory
46破れて  (くにやぶれて)
(exp) with one's country in ruins
47敵対  (てきとうくに)
(n) enemy nation
48常世の  (とこよのくに)
(n) distant country
49日出ずる  (ひいずるくに)
(n) Land of the Rising Sun
50言葉  (みくにことば)
(n) (arch) Japanese (language)
51  (みくにことば)
(n) (arch) Japanese (language)
52瑞穂の  (みずほのくに)
(n) Japan, the Land of Abundant Rice
53大和の  (やまとのくに)
(n) Yamato
54核保有  (かくほありくに)
(n) nuclear power
55を治める  (くにをおさめる)
(exp) to manage a state
56常夏の  (とこなつのくに)
(n) land of everlasting summer
57二制度  (いっこくにせいど)
(n) "One country, two systems" (Chinese political ideology allowing for the communist mainland and capitalist areas such as Hong Kong)
58境地帯  (くにざかいちたい)
(n) border zone
59神社  (やすくにじんじゃ)
(n) Yasukuni Shrine
60新たに起こった  (あらたにおこったくに)
(n) newly established country
61資源の豊かな  (しげんのゆたかなくに)
(n) country rich in natural resources
62無宗教の  (むしゅうきょうのくに)
(n) secular country
63常立尊  (くにのとこたちのみこと)
(n) Kuninotokotachi no Mikoto (eternal god of the land)
64戦争挑戦  (せんそうちょうせんくに)
(n) warmonger
65の将来を計る  (くにのしょうらいをはかる)
(exp) to plan (provide) for the future of the country
66の将来を憂える  (くにのしょうらいをうれえる)
(exp) to be anxious about the future of one's country
67豊葦原瑞穂  (とよあしはらのみずほのくに)
(n) (arch) Japan
68豊葦原の瑞穂の  (とよあしはらのみずほのくに)
(n) (arch) Japan
69大学入学共通試験  (べいこくだいがくにゅうがくきょうつうしけん)
(n) scholastic aptitude test
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