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1  (よん)
(num) four
2  (よんじょ)
(n) fourth-born daughter
3  (よんせん)
(n) four thousand
4  (よんなん)
(n) fourth son
5  (よんほん)
(adj-pn) four (long cylindrical things)
6コマ  (よんコマ)
(n) (abbr) four panel comic
7  (じゅうよん)
(n) 14
8  (だいよんき)
(n) Quaternary period
9  (よんじゅう)
(n) forty
10  (よんひゃく)
(n) four hundred
11  (たんよんがた)
(n) AAA 700 size (battery)
12倍体  (よんばいたい)
(n) tetraploid
13拍子  (よんびょうし)
(n) quadruple time
14輪車  (よんりんしゃ)
(n) automobile
15大元素  (よんだいげんそ)
(n) the four classical chemical elements (fire, earth, air and water)
16当五落  (よんとうごらく)
(exp) sleep four hours pass, sleep five hours fail
17輪駆動  (よんりんくどう)
(n) four-wheel drive
18コマ漫画  (よんコマまんが)
(n) four panel comic
19色定理  (よんしょくていり)
(n) four-color theorem (colour) (theorem stating that any map can be colored such that no two adjacent segments have the same color, if only four colors are used)
20段活用  (よんだんかつよう)
(n) yodan verb conjugation (verb form of classical Japanese)
21階級  (だいよんかいきゅう)
(n) the fourth estate
22輪駆動車  (よんりんくどうしゃ)
(n) four-wheel-drive car
23頭立ての馬車  (よんとうだてのばしゃ)
(n) coach and four
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