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1  ()
(num) four
2  (じ)
(n) 4 o'clock
3  (そ)
(n) forty
4  (も)
(n) every direction
5  (ん)
(num) four
6  (けた)
(n) four-digit number
7  (すみ)
(n) four corners
8十路  (そじ)
(n) age forty
9  (たり)
(n) four people
10  (っか)
(n) (1) 4th day of month
11  (っつ)
(n) four
12つ子  (つご)
(n) quadruplets
13つ葉  (つば)
(n,adj-no) plant having four leaves on one stalk
14つ身  (つみ)
(n) (1) cross-grips (situation in which each rikishi has an underarm grip on the other) (sumo)
15つ目  (つめ)
(n) four-eyed
16  (にん)
(n) four people
17  (みぎつ)
(n) sumo hold in which both wrestlers obtain an underarm grip with the right hand and an overarm grip with the left
18次元  (じげん)
(n) fourth dimension
19  (ったり)
(n) four people
20つ足  (つあし)
(n) four-footed (animal)
21つ角  (つかど)
(n) four corners
22つ切り  (つぎり)
(n) cutting into four
23つ辻  (つつじ)
(n) crossroads
24七抜き  (なぬき)
(n) pentatonic scale (music)
25文字語  (もじご)
(n) four-letter word (English)
26  (んじょ)
(n) fourth-born daughter
27  (んせん)
(n) four thousand
28  (んなん)
(n) fourth son
29  (んほん)
(adj-pn) four (long cylindrical things)
30コマ  (んコマ)
(n) (abbr) four panel comic
31  (じゅうん)
(n) 14
32  (だいんき)
(n) Quaternary period
33得意  (とくいつ)
(n) sumo wrestler's favourite (favorite) grip on the belt
34  (ひだりつ)
(n) sumo hold in which both wrestlers obtain an underarm grip with the left hand and an over-arm grip with the right
35字成句  (じせいく)
(n) Chinese four-character phrase or idiomatic expression
36つ相撲  (つずもう)
(n) sumo wrestling in which both wrestlers grasp the other's belt with both hands
37つ手網  (つであみ)
(n) four-armed scoop net
38つに組む  (つにくむ)
(exp) to come to grapples with
39つ目垣  (つめがき)
(n) square-patterned bamboo fence
40つんばい  (つんばい)
(n) (crawl) on all fours
41つん這い  (つんばい)
(n) (crawl) on all fours
42人組  (にんぐみ)
(n) (1) four man group
43年生  (ねんせい)
(n) student in his (her) fourth year
44  (んじゅう)
(n) forty
45  (んひゃく)
(n) four hundred
46  (しゅうっか)
(exp) four days a week
47  (じゅうっか)
(n) fourteenth day of the month
48  (たんんがた)
(n) AAA 700 size (battery)
49字熟語  (じじゅくご)
(n) four-character idiomatic compounds
50畳半  (じょうはん)
(n) 4.5 tatami mats
51つん這い  (っつんばい)
(n) (crawl) on all fours
52つんばい  (っつんばい)
(n) (crawl) on all fours
53脚門  (つあしもん)
(n) style of temple gate featuring four supporting pillars and a gabled roof
54倍体  (んばいたい)
(n) tetraploid
55拍子  (んびょうし)
(n) quadruple time
56輪車  (んりんしゃ)
(n) automobile
57二十  (にじゅうっか)
(n) twenty-fourth day of the month
58段活用  (だんかつう)
(n) conjugation (inflection, declension) of godan verbs (as represented by archaic kana usage)
59葉塩竈  (つばしおがま)
(n) (uk) Chamisso's lousewort (Pedicularis chamissonis var. japonica)
60方山話  (もやまばなし)
(n) talk about various topics
61大元素  (んだいげんそ)
(n) the four classical chemical elements (fire, earth, air and water)
62当五落  (んとうごらく)
(exp) sleep four hours pass, sleep five hours fail
63輪駆動  (んりんくどう)
(n) four-wheel drive
64コマ漫画  (んコマまんが)
(n) four panel comic
65百余州  (しひゃくしゅう)
(n) all China
66色定理  (んしょくていり)
(n) four-color theorem (colour) (theorem stating that any map can be colored such that no two adjacent segments have the same color, if only four colors are used)
67段活用  (んだんかつう)
(n) yodan verb conjugation (verb form of classical Japanese)
68階級  (だいんかいきゅう)
(n) the fourth estate
69つ葉のクローバー  (つばのクローバー)
(n) four-leaf clover
70輪駆動車  (んりんくどうしゃ)
(n) four-wheel-drive car
71二十時間制  (にじゅうじかんせい)
(n) around-the-clock system
72頭立ての馬車  (んとうだてのばしゃ)
(n) coach and four
73明治十年の政変  (めいじじゅうねんのせいへん)
(n) the failed Meiji-14 coup of 1881
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