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1  (とも)
(n) friend
2  (いゆう)
(n) one's esteemed friend
3  (しゆう)
(n) master and friends
4  (しゆう)
(n) one's friend in poetry
5  (ちゆう)
(n) (close) friend
6  (ゆうぎ)
(n) friendship
7  (ゆうぎ)
(n) friendship
8  (ゆうぎ)
(n) friendship's responsibilities
9  (えきゆう)
(n) good friend
10  (がくゆう)
(n) school friend
11  (こうゆう)
(n) friend
12  (しんゆう)
(n) close friend
13討ち  (ともうち)
(n) friends shooting one another
14  (ともがき)
(n) friend
15だち  (ともだち)
(n) friend
16  (ともだち)
(n) friend
17  (ともなり)
(n) developing friendship
18  (ほうゆう)
(n) friend
19  (ぼうゆう)
(n) deceased friend
20  (めいゆう)
(n) sworn friend
21  (ゆうぐん)
(n) friendly troops
22  (ゆうこう)
(n) friendship
23  (ゆうこう)
(n) friendship
24  (ゆうじん)
(n) friend
25  (ゆうほう)
(n) (arch) friend
26  (ゆうほう)
(n) friendly nation
27  (るいとも)
(n) hobby friend
28メル  (メルとも)
(n) a friend with whom one corresponds by e-mail
29真の  (しんのとも)
(n) true friend
30  (びょうゆう)
(n) sick friend
31  (ゆうじょう)
(n) friendship
32  (りょうゆう)
(n) good friend
33メール  (メールとも)
(n) a friend with whom one corresponds by e-mail
34心の  (こころのとも)
(n) one's bosom friend
35知己朋  (ちきほうゆう)
(n) intimate friends and acquaintances
36竹馬の  (ちくばのとも)
(n) childhood friend
37達甲斐  (ともだちがい)
(n) true friendship
38誼国家  (ゆうぎこっか)
(n) friendly nation
39好国  (ゆうこうこく)
(n) friendly nation
40好的  (ゆうこうてき)
(adj-na) friendly
41人間  (ゆうじんかん)
(n) among one's friends
42  (おさなともだち)
(n) childhood friend
43  (おとこともだち)
(n) boyfriend
44  (おんなともだち)
(n) girlfriend
45軍部隊  (ゆうぐんぶたい)
(n) friendly troops
46篤い  (あついゆうじょう)
(n) warm friendship
47益者三  (えきしゃさんゆう)
(exp) There are three types of friends worth having--honest, sincere, and well-informed ones. (Confucius)
48親しい  (したしいともだち)
(n) close (intimate) friend
49善隣  (ぜんりんゆうこう)
(n) neighbourly friendship
50達感覚  (ともだちかんかく)
(n) feeling like friends
51達付き合い  (ともだちづきあい)
(n) friendly relations
52達を泊める  (ともだちをとめる)
(exp) to put a friend up for the night
53好関係  (ゆうこうかんけい)
(n) (establish) friendly (cordial) relations (with, between)
54語らうに無く  (かたらうにともなく)
(exp) with no friend to talk to
55の死を愁える  (とものしをうれえる)
(exp) to grieve for the death of a friend
56好条約  (ゆうこうじょうやく)
(n) treaty of friendship
57人を訪ねる  (ゆうじんをたずねる)
(exp) to call on a friend
58達を伴って  (ともだちをともなって)
(exp) accompanied by a friend
59達に疎んじられる  (ともだちにうとんじられる)
(exp) to be treated distantly by one's friends
60好通商航海  (ゆうこうつうしょうこうかい)
(n) (treaty of) friendship, commerce and navigation
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