Combined Kanji Dictionary/熟語辞典

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1  (り)
(n) cut
2  (る)
(v5r,vt) to cut (hair)
3り田  (りた)
(n) harvested rice field
4り手  (りて)
(n) mower
5り根  (りね)
(n) stubble
6り穂  (りほ)
(n) harvested grain
7  (りほ)
(n) harvested grain
8  (いねり)
(n) rice reaping
9  (いじょ)
(n,vs) removal
10  (くがり)
(n) crew cut
11り上げ  (りあげ)
(n) close-cropped hair
12り跡  (りあと)
(n) cut-over land
13り入れ  (りいれ)
(n) harvest
14  (りいれ)
(io) (n) harvest
15り株  (ぶ)
(n) stubble
16り込み  (りこみ)
(n) haircut
17り込む  (りこむ)
(v5m,vt) to cut
18り立て  (りたて)
(exp) new mown
19り取り  (りとり)
(n) harvesting
20取る  (りとる)
(v5r,vt) to mow
21り取る  (りとる)
(v5r,vt) to mow
22り葺く  (りふく)
(v5k,vt) to thatch (a roof)
23り干す  (りほす)
(v5s,vt) to cut and dry (in the sun)
24  (くさり)
(n) mowing
25  (しばり)
(n) lawn mowing
26  (しばり)
(n) firewood gathering
27  (しばり)
(n) lawn mowing
28  (むぎり)
(n) wheat harvest
29り上げる  (りあげる)
(v1,vt) to reap completely
30り入れる  (りいれる)
(v1,vt) to harvest
31り取り機  (りとりき)
(n) reaping machine
32り機  (しばりき)
(n) lawnmower
33二番  (にばんり)
(n) second crop
34頭を  (あたまをる)
(exp) to cut one's hair
35り入れ人  (りいれびと)
(n) reapers
36  (くさりがま)
(n) grass sickle
37り鎌  (くさりがま)
(n) grass sickle
38り込み鋏  (りこみばさみ)
(n) hedge clippers
39羊毛を  (ようもうをる)
(exp) to shear sheep

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