Combined Kanji Dictionary/熟語辞典

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1  (かり)
(n) cut
2  (かる)
(v5r,vt) to cut (hair)
3  (かくがり)
(n) crew cut
4り跡  (かりあと)
(n) cut-over land
5り込み  (かりこみ)
(n) haircut
6り込む  (かりこむ)
(v5m,vt) to cut
7り干す  (かりほす)
(v5s,vt) to cut and dry (in the sun)
8五分  (ごぶがり)
(n) close haircut
9頭を  (あたまをかる)
(exp) to cut one's hair
10坊ちゃん  (ぼっちゃんがり)
(n) pudding bowl hair cut

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