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1  (ろく)
(num) six
2  (ろくぎ)
(n) (1) six forms of the Shi Jing (genre: folk song, festal song, hymn; style: narrative, explicit comparison, implicit comparison)
3  (ろくぶ)
(n) (1) six copies
4  (くんろく)
(n) ozeki ranked sumo wrestler unable to live up to the expectations of his rank
5  (さいろく)
(n) (1) (arch) kid
6  (さいろく)
(n) (1) (arch) kid
7  (さいろく)
(n) (1) (arch) kid
8四分  (しぶろく)
(n) six to four ratio
9  (じんろく)
(n) dunce
10  (すけろく)
(n) "inari" and "maki" (roll) style sushi
11  (すごろく)
(n) a child's dice game
12  (ぜいろく)
(n) (arch) Edo term used to debase people from Kansai
13  (ぜいろく)
(n) (arch) Edo term used to debase people from Kansai
14  (ぜえろく)
(n) (arch) Edo term used to debase people from Kansai
15  (ぜえろく)
(n) (arch) Edo term used to debase people from Kansai
16宿  (やどろく)
(n) husband
17  (ろくがつ)
(n-adv) June
18  (ろくしき)
(n) six consciousnesses
19  (ろくしゅ)
(n) six kinds
20  (ろくしょ)
(n) Hexateuch
21  (ろくしん)
(n) the six blood relations
22  (ろくたい)
(n) the six historical styles of writing kanji: large seal, small seal, clerical, triangular-swept clerical, running, and cursive
23  (ろくどう)
(n) (Buddh) the six realms (Deva realm, Asura realm, Human realm, Animal realm, Hungry Ghost realm, Nakara realm)
24  (ろくよう)
(n) Japanese calendar's six labels, indicating how auspicious each day is
25  (しろくばん)
(n) duodecimo
26  (じゅうろく)
(n) 16
27  (ろくしゃく)
(n) six feet tall
28地蔵  (ろくじぞう)
(n) the Six Ksitigarbhas (one for each of the six realms)
29  (ろくじゅう)
(n) sixty
30  (ろくじょう)
(n) the six emotions (joy, anger, sorrow, pleasure and love, and hatred)
31  (ろくちょう)
(n) (1) Six Dynasties (of China: Eastern Wu, Eastern Jin, Song, Qi, Liang, Chen)
32分儀  (ろくぶんぎ)
(n) sextant
33忍び  (しのびろくぐ)
(n) the six tools of the ninja
34観音  (ろくかんのん)
(n) the Six Forms of Avalokitesvara (one for each of the six realms)
35号記事  (ろくごうきじ)
(n) (space) filler
36三制  (ろくさんせい)
(n) six-three system of education (six years of elementary school, followed by three years of junior high school)
37調子  (ろくちょうし)
(n) six main gagaku modes (equivalent to A Dorian, B Dorian, E Dorian, D Mixolydian, E Mixolydian and G Mixolydian)
38道銭  (ろくどうせん)
(n) six coins placed in a casket (said to be to pay the fare to cross the River Sanzu)
39波羅蜜  (ろくはらみつ)
(n) the six virtues (perfections) a Buddha elect practices to attain supreme enlightenment
40分儀座  (ろくぶんぎざ)
(n) (constellation) Sextant
41辺形  (ろくへんけい)
(n) hexagon
42面体  (ろくめんたい)
(n) hexahedron
43連星  (ろくれんせい)
(n) The Pleiades
44連発  (ろくれんぱつ)
(n) six-chambered (revolver)
45四公  (しこうろくみん)
(n) (arch) land-tax system during the Edo period under which the government took 40% of the year's crop and the farmers kept 60%
46時中  (しろくじちゅう)
(adv,n) around the clock
47南斗  (なんとろくせい)
(n) Milk Dipper
48時中  (にろくじちゅう)
(adv,n) night and day
49  (ひょうろくだま)
(n) nincompoop
50  (ひょうろくだま)
(n) nincompoop
51月病  (ろくがつびょう)
(n) blues experienced by workplace recruits shortly after beginning work
52尺棒  (ろくしゃくぼう)
(n) (1) wooden pole (often oak), 6 shaku long
53十四卦  (ろくじゅうしけ)
(n) the 64 hexagrams (of the Book of Changes)
54重奏  (ろくじゅうそう)
(n) instrumental sextet
55大州  (ろくだいしゅう)
(n) the Six Continents
56道輪廻  (ろくどうりんね)
(n) endless circle of transmigration in the six posthumous worlds
57銀行  (いちろくぎんこう)
(n) pawnshop
58勝負  (いちろくしょうぶ)
(n) gambling
59上方才  (かみがたざいろく)
(n) (arch) Edo term used to debase people from Kansai
60上方贅  (かみがたぜいろく)
(n) people of the Kyoto area
61音符  (じゅうろくおんぷ)
(n) 16th note
62南都  (なんとろくしゅう)
(n) six sects of Buddhism brought to Japan during the Nara period (Sanlun, Satyasiddhi, Faxiang, Abhidharmakosha, Vinaya, and Huayan)
63親眷属  (ろくしんけんぞく)
(n) all of one's relatives by blood and by marriage
64重唱  (ろくじゅうしょう)
(n) vocal sextet
65段の調べ  (ろくだんのしらべ)
(n) rokudan (name of a koto composition)
66十余州  (ろくじゅうよしゅう)
(n) 66-odd provinces of old Japan
67  (ろっぴゃくろくごう)
(n) # 606
68十四分音符  (ろくじゅうしぶおんぷ)
(n) 64th note
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