Combined Kanji Dictionary/熟語辞典

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1  ()
(num) six
2  (う)
(num) six
3  (そ)
(n) sixty
4  (つ)
(num) six
5  (いか)
(n) six days
6十路  (そじ)
(n) age sixty
7  (っつ)
(num) six
8つ子  (つご)
(n) sextuplets
9明け  (あけつ)
(n-t) the sixth hour of the morning
10暮れ  (くれつ)
(n) Edo-period term for a time of day, roughly 6 pm
11つ切り  (つぎり)
(n) dividing something into six pieces
12つ時  (つどき)
(n) (arch) (approx.) 6 o'clock (am or pm)
13  (しゅういか)
(exp) six days a week
Licences: KANJIDICT and EDICT from EDRDG.

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