Combined Kanji Dictionary/熟語辞典

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1  (ん)
(n) (1) kernel
2亜麻  (あま)
(n) flaxseed
3  (おう)
(n) the two guardian Deva kings
4  (んじ)
(n) Ninji era (1240.7.16-1243.2.26)
5  (んな)
(n) Ninna era (885.2.21-889.4.27)
6亜麻  (あまゆ)
(n) linseed oil
7  (あんん)
(n) (food) apricot seed
8  (えいん)
(n) Einin era (1293.8.5-1299.4.25)
9  (おうん)
(n) Ounin era (1467.3.5-1469.4.28)
10  (かんん)
(n) Kannin era (1017.4.23-1021.2.2)
11  (けんん)
(n) Kennin era (1201.2.13-1204.2.20)
12  (げんん)
(n) Gennin era (1224.11.20-1225.4.20)
13  (こうん)
(n) Kounin era (810.9.19-824.1.5)
14  (てんん)
(n) Tennin era (1108.8.3-1110.7.13)
15  (んあん)
(n) Nin'an era (1166.8.27-1169.4.8)
16寿  (んじゅ)
(n) Ninju era (851.4.28-854.11.30)
17  (んぺい)
(n) Nimpei era (1151.1.26-1154.10.28)
18  (きょうん)
(n) (food) apricot seed
19王立ち  (おうだち)
(n) imposing stance
20王門  (おうもん)
(n) Deva gate
21王力  (おうりき)
(n) Herculean strength
22  (んきょう)
(adj-na,n,adj-no) chivalry
23  (りゃくん)
(n) Ryakunin era (1238.11.23-1239.2.7)
24豆腐  (あんんどうふ)
(n) almond jelly
25の乱  (おうんのらん)
(n) Onin War (1467-1477)
26  (こうんきゃく)
(n) Ordinance of the Konin Era
27豆腐  (きょうんどうふ)
(n) almond jelly
28王立ちになる  (おうだちなる)
(exp) to raise oneself up to one's full height
29輪加狂言  (わかきょうげん)
(n) farce
30侠団体  (んきょうだんたい)
(n) (sl) (pol) (often used self-referentially) yakuza (Japanese mafia) (lit: chivalrous organization)
31貞観時代  (こうんじょうがんじだい)
(n) Kounin-Jougan period (of Japanese art history, approx. 794-894 CE)
32過ちを観て斯にを知る  (あやまちをみてここじんをしる)
(exp,v5r) to observe the reasons and types of faults a person makes is to come to know whether they are virtuous or not

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