Combined Kanji Dictionary/熟語辞典

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1  ()
(num) nine
2  (え)
(n) (uk) longtooth grouper (species of fish, Epinephelus bruneus)
3  ()
(n) multiplication table
4  ()
(n) multiplication table
5  (ぶ)
(n) nine parts
6  (がつ)
(n-adv) September
7  (ほん)
(n) (1) (Buddh) (abbr) nine levels of Amitabha's Pure Land
8  (りん)
(n) kurin (nine vertically stacked rings of a pagoda finial)
9  (じゅう)
(n) ninety
10  (ひゃ)
(n) (1) 900
11  (んろ)
(n) ozeki ranked sumo wrestler unable to live up to the expectations of his rank
12  (はっぶ)
(n) nearly
13  (きゅうこ)
(n) the nine grains
14  (きゅうぞ)
(n) the nine nearest generations of relatives
15蓋草  (がいそう)
(n) (uk) Veronicastrum sibiricum (species of flowering plant)
16寸五分  (すんごぶ)
(n) dagger
17谷焼  (たにやき)
(n) kutani-ware (var. of porcelain)
18  (りん)
(n-adv,n-t) ten to one
19  (つもがみ)
(n) (1) an old woman's gray hair
20  (きゅうひゃ)
(n) (1) 900
21々の表  (のひょう)
(n) multiplication table
22の表  (のひょう)
(n) multiplication table
23三々  (さんさんど)
(n) three-times-three exchange of nuptial cups
24三三  (さんさんど)
(n) three-times-three exchange of nuptial cups
25尺二間  (しゃにけん)
(n) (tiny) house about nine feet wide and 12 feet deep
26品浄土  (ほんじょうど)
(n) (obsc) Amitabha's Pure Land (composed of nine levels)
27品蓮台  (ほんれんだい)
(n) (Buddh) nine-tiered lotus leaf platform in Amitabha's Pure Land
28四十  (しじゅうにち)
(n) forty-ninth day after a person's death
29層倍  (すりそうばい)
(exp) "There is a huge markup in medicines."
30十中八  (じっちゅうはっ)
(n-adv,n) 8 or 9 cases out of ten
31十中八  (じゅっちゅうはっ)
(n-adv,n) 8 or 9 cases out of ten
32州へ下る  (きゅうしゅうへだる)
(v5r) to go down to Kyushu
33一一  (ひゃじゅうきゅうばん)
(n) ambulance and fire brigade emergency tel. no. (in Japan)
34百年代  (せんきゅうひゃねんだい)
(n) the 1900s
35仞の功を一簣に虧く  (きゅうじんのこうをいっきにか)
(exp) expression meaning to fail one step short of great success
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