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1  (きゅう)
(num) nine
2  (きゅうか)
(n) summer
3  (きゅうし)
(n) narrowly averting death
4  (きゅうち)
(n) very low land
5  (きゅうこく)
(n) the nine grains
6  (きゅうせい)
(n) astrology
7  (きゅうせい)
(n) nine lives (of a cat)
8  (きゅうせつ)
(n) many turns (in a road)
9  (きゅうせん)
(n) hades
10  (きゅうせん)
(n) (uk) multicolorfin rainbowfish (Halichoeres poecilopterus)
11  (きゅうぞく)
(n) the nine nearest generations of relatives
12  (きゅうてん)
(n) sky
13  (きゅうはい)
(n,vs) bowing many times (in apology)
14か月  (きゅうかげつ)
(n) nine months
15  (きゅうきょう)
(n) general term for the nine holes in the body of humans and other mamals
16  (きゅうしゅう)
(n) Kyushu (southernmost of the four main islands of Japan)
17  (きゅうしょう)
(n) nine lives (of a cat)
18  (きゅうじゅう)
(n) ninety
19星家  (きゅうせいか)
(n) astrology
20  (きゅうひゃく)
(n) (1) 900
21  (じゅうきゅう)
(n) 19
22回戦  (きゅうかいせん)
(n) regulation game
23工大  (きゅうこうだい)
(n) Kyushu Institute of Technology
24柱戯  (きゅうちゅうぎ)
(n) nine pins
25  (きたきゅうしゅう)
(n) Kitakyushu (city)
26官鳥  (きゅうかんちょう)
(n) (uk) hill myna (species of mynah bird, Gracula religiosa)
27州弁  (きゅうしゅうべん)
(n) Kyushu dialect
28仞の功  (きゅうじんのこう)
(n) spectacular success
29星術  (きゅうせいじゅつ)
(n) astrology
30尾の狐  (きゅうびのきつね)
(n) nine-tailed kitsune (fox spirit, kitsune are said to be more powerful the more tails they have)
31死一生  (きゅうしいっしょう)
(n) narrow escape from the jaw of death
32州地方  (きゅうしゅうちほう)
(n) Kyushu region (inc. Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Oita, Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures)
33州場所  (きゅうしゅうばしょ)
(n) Kyushu (November) sumo tournament, held in Fukuoka
34重の天  (きゅうちょうのてん)
(n) the palace
35天直下  (きゅうてんちょっか)
(n) falling headlong
36三拝  (さんぱいきゅうはい)
(int,n) kowtowing
37牛一毛  (きゅうぎゅういちもう)
(n) a drop in the bucket (ocean)
38死に一生  (きゅうしにいっしょう)
(n) narrow escape from death
39州へ下る  (きゅうしゅうへくだる)
(v5r) to go down to Kyushu
40牛の一毛  (きゅうぎゅうのいちもう)
(n) mere fraction
41牛一毛  (きゅうぎゅうのいちもう)
(n) a drop in the bucket (ocean)
42一一  (ひゃくじゅうきゅうばん)
(n) ambulance and fire brigade emergency tel. no. (in Japan)
43百年代  (せんきゅうひゃくねんだい)
(n) the 1900s
44死に一生を得る  (きゅうしにいっしょうをうる)
(exp) to have a narrow escape from death
45死に一生を得る  (きゅうしにいっしょうをえる)
(exp) to have a narrow escape from death
46ストロンチウム  (ストロンチウムきゅうじゅう)
(n) strontium 90 (Sr-90)
47仞の功を一簣に虧く  (きゅうじんのこうをいっきにかく)
(exp) expression meaning to fail one step short of great success
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