Combined Kanji Dictionary/熟語辞典

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1  (く)
(num) nine
2  (くぶ)
(n) nine parts
3  (ここ)
(num) nine
4  (この)
(num) nine
5  (きゅう)
(num) nine
6  (くほん)
(n) (1) (Buddh) (abbr) nine levels of Amitabha's Pure Land
7  (くりん)
(n) kurin (nine vertically stacked rings of a pagoda finial)
8  (ここの)
(num) nine
9  (くじゅう)
(n) ninety
10  (ここのえ)
(n) ninefold
11  (ここのか)
(n) nine days
12  (ここのつ)
(n) nine
13  (きゅうこく)
(n) the nine grains
14  (きゅうせい)
(n) nine lives (of a cat)
15  (きゅうぞく)
(n) the nine nearest generations of relatives
16  (ここのしな)
(n) (1) (Buddh) (abbr) nine levels of Amitabha's Pure Land
17十路  (ここのそじ)
(n) age ninety
18か月  (きゅうかげつ)
(n) nine months
19  (きゅうきょう)
(n) general term for the nine holes in the body of humans and other mamals
20  (きゅうしょう)
(n) nine lives (of a cat)
21  (きゅうじゅう)
(n) ninety
22柱戯  (きゅうちゅうぎ)
(n) nine pins
23尺二間  (くしゃくにけん)
(n) (tiny) house about nine feet wide and 12 feet deep
24品浄土  (くほんじょうど)
(n) (obsc) Amitabha's Pure Land (composed of nine levels)
25品蓮台  (くほんれんだい)
(n) (Buddh) nine-tiered lotus leaf platform in Amitabha's Pure Land
26尾の狐  (きゅうびのきつね)
(n) nine-tailed kitsune (fox spirit, kitsune are said to be more powerful the more tails they have)
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