Combined Kanji Dictionary/熟語辞典

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1  (たんか)
(n) red flower
2  (ぼたん)
(n) tree peony
3伊勢  (いせたん)
(n) Isetan (department store)
4  (えんたん)
(n) red lead
5  (せんたん)
(n) the elixir (of life)
6  (たんしゃ)
(n) cinnabar
7  (たんしゅ)
(n) cinnabar
8  (たんしん)
(n) sincerity
9  (たんせい)
(n,vs) working earnestly
10  (たんせい)
(n,vs) working earnestly
11  (たんせい)
(n) red and blue
12  (たんぜん)
(n) large padded kimono
13  (たんでん)
(n) point below the navel (a focus point for internal meditative techniques)
14  (たんどく)
(n) erysipelas
15  (たんねん)
(adj-na,n) assiduity
16  (たんぺき)
(n) red and green
17野牡  (のぼたん)
(n) asian melastome
18葉牡  (はぼたん)
(n) ornamental kale (Brassica oleracea var. acephara)
19  (ぼたんぴ)
(n) peony root bark
20  (れんたん)
(n) elixir of life (prepared from cinnabar in ancient China)
21  (たんちょう)
(n) (uk) red-crowned crane
22  (ぼたんえび)
(n) (uk) botan shrimp (Pandalus nipponensis)
23海老  (ぼたんえび)
(n) (uk) botan shrimp (Pandalus nipponensis)
24  (ぼたんなべ)
(n) boar's meat stew
25  (ぼたんゆき)
(n) large snowflakes
26安本  (あんぽんたん)
(n) fool
27鸚哥  (ぼたんいんこ)
(n) (uk) lovebird (esp. Lilian's lovebird, Agapornis lilianae)
28  (ぼたんきょう)
(n) variety of plum
29  (ぼたんざくら)
(n) any oriental variety of cherry tree descended from the Oshima cherry
30紫紺野牡  (しこんのぼたん)
(n) princess-flower
31臍下  (せいかたんでん)
(n) pit of the stomach
32頂鶴  (たんちょうづる)
(n) (uk) red-crowned crane
33天竺牡  (てんじくぼたん)
(n) dahlia
34防風  (ぼたんぼうふう)
(n) (uk) Peucedanum japonicum (species of umbellifer with edible leaves)
35  (れんたんじゅつ)
(n) alchemy
36宝冠牡  (ほうかんぼたんしょう)
(n) Order of the Precious Crown, Peony

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