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1  (まん)
(num) (1) 10,000
2  (まんじ)
(n) Manji era (1658.7.23-1661.4.25)
3  (いちまん)
(n) 10,000
4  (えいまん)
(n) Eiman era (1165.6.5-1166.8.27)
5  (おくまん)
(n) millions and millions
6  (きょまん)
(n) huge fortune
7  (げんまん)
(n) linking little fingers to confirm a promise
8  (すうまん)
(n) tens of thousands
9  (せんまん)
(n) 10,000,000
10  (はちまん)
(n) (1) 80000
11  (まんいち)
(adv,n) by some chance
12  (まんいつ)
(adv,n) by some chance
13  (まんえん)
(n) 10000 yen
14  (まんえん)
(n) Man'en era (1860.3.18-1861.2.19)
15  (まんがん)
(n) many scrolls
16  (まんきん)
(n) immense sum (of money)
17  (まんけん)
(n) ten-thousand Yen note
18  (まんげん)
(n) many words
19  (まんごう)
(n) eternity
20  (まんさく)
(n) (1) witch hazel
21  (まんざい)
(n) comedian
22  (まんざい)
(n) strolling comic dancer
23寿  (まんじゅ)
(n) Manju era (1024.7.13-1028.7.25)
24  (まんずり)
(ik) (n) (uk) (X) (fem) masturbation
25釣り  (まんずり)
(ik) (n) (uk) (X) (fem) masturbation
26  (まんぜん)
(adj-na,n) all good works
27  (まんだい)
(n-adv,n-t) thousands of years
28  (まんづり)
(n) (uk) (X) (fem) masturbation
29釣り  (まんづり)
(n) (uk) (X) (fem) masturbation
30  (まんてん)
(n) perfect score
31  (まんどう)
(n) Buddhist lantern festival
32  (まんにん)
(n) (1) all people
33  (まんねん)
(n) ten thousand years
34  (まんのう)
(n,adj-no) (1) all-purpose
35引き  (まんびき)
(n,vs) shoplifting
36  (まんびき)
(n,vs) shoplifting
37  (まんぷく)
(n) all health and happiness
38  (まん)
(adv) (1) very much
39  (まん)
(adv) (1) very much
40  (まんりき)
(n) vise
41  (じゅうまん)
(n) 100,000
42  (ひゃくまん)
(n) (1) 1,000,000
43が一  (まんがいち)
(adv,n) if by any chance
44が一  (まんがいつ)
(adv,n) if by any chance
45  (まんじょう)
(n) all (present)
46灯会  (まんどうえ)
(n) Buddhist lantern festival
47  (まんびょう)
(n) all kinds of sicknesses
48歩計  (まんぽけい)
(n) pedometer
49  (いちまんえん)
(n) 10,000 Yen
50  (いちまんえん)
(n) 10,000 Yen
51  (いちまんえん)
(n) 10,000 Yen
52五百  (ごひゃくまん)
(n) (1) (arch) 5000000
53  (なんまんねん)
(n-t) many thousands of years
54華鏡  (まんげきょう)
(n) kaleidoscope
55年青  (まんねんせい)
(n) plant of the lily family
56年茸  (まんねんたけ)
(n) bracket fungus (Ganoderma lucidum - formerly Fomes japonicus)
57年床  (まんねんどこ)
(n) leaving a bed unmade
58年筆  (まんねんひつ)
(n) fountain pen
59年雪  (まんねんゆき)
(n) perpetual snow
60能薬  (まんのうやく)
(n) cure-all
61遍無く  (まんべんなく)
(adv) equally
62遍なく  (まんべんなく)
(adv) equally
63  (まんまんいち)
(adv,n) by any chance
64葉仮名  (まんようがな)
(n) early Japanese syllabary composed of Chinese characters used phonetically
65  (じゅうまんえん)
(n) 100,000 Yen
66千差  (せんさまんべつ)
(adj-na,n) an infinite variety of
67八十  (はちじゅうまん)
(n) (1) (arch) 800000
68四千  (はちまんしせん)
(n) (1) (Buddh) 84000
69八百  (はっぴゃくまん)
(n) eight million
70  (ひゃくまんげん)
(n) saying something many times
71  (ひゃくまんべん)
(n) million times
72一のため  (まんいちのため)
(exp) just in case
73年候補  (まんねんこうほ)
(n) ever unsuccessful candidate
74分の一  (まんぶんのいち)
(n) one ten-thousandth
75葉集  (まんようしゅう)
(n) Manyoushuu (famous 8thC poetry)
76葉調  (まんようちょう)
(n) the poetic style typical of Manyoushuu
77力鎖  (まんりきぐさり)
(n) (MA) Ninja weighted chain weapon
78金壱  (きんいちまんえん)
(n) 10,000 Yen
79七珍  (しっちんまんぽう)
(n) the seven treasures and many other precious things
80億土  (じゅうまんおくど)
(n) eternity
81無量  (せんまんむりょう)
(adj-na,n) innumerable
82景峰号  (まんけいほうごう)
(n) Mangyongbong-92, a mixed passenger-cargo ferry running between Wonsan in North Korea and Niigata
83劫末代  (まんごうまつだい)
(n-t) eternity
84年新造  (まんねんしんぞう)
(n) woman of perennial youth
85年青年  (まんねんせいねん)
(n) man of perennial youth
86病のもと  (まんびょうのもと)
(exp) the source of all kinds of diseases
87病の元  (まんびょうのもと)
(exp) the source of all kinds of diseases
88一粒  (いちりゅうまんばい)
(exp) A single seed can eventually produce a great harvest
89長者  (おくまんちょうじゃ)
(n) billionaire
90金拾  (きんじゅうまんえん)
(n) 100,000 Yen
91一に備える  (まんいちにそなえる)
(v1) to provide against contingencies
92場一致で  (まんじょういっちで)
(exp) unanimously
93長者  (ひゃくまんちょうじゃ)
(n) millionaire
94一を考える  (まんいちをかんがえる)
(exp) to be prepared for the worst
95数百に及ぶ  (すうひゃくまんにおよぶ)
(exp) to reach (range) into the millions
96鶴は千年亀は  (つるはせんねんかめはまんねん)
(exp) Cranes live for 1000 years, turtles live for 10,000 years
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