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1  (ばん)
(adv,pref) many
2  (ばんか)
(n,vs) many changes
3  (ばんか)
(n) many articles
4  (ばんき)
(n) state affairs
5  (ばんこ)
(n-adv,n-t) perpetuity
6  (ばんこ)
(n) all houses
7  (ばんし)
(n) certain death
8  (ばんじ)
(n) all
9  (ばんだ)
(n) many branches
10  (ばんぷ)
(n) many people
11  (ばんり)
(n) thousands of miles
12  (せんばん)
(adv,n-t) exceedingly
13  (ばんかん)
(n) flood of emotions
14  (ばんぐん)
(n) hosts
15  (ばんけい)
(n) vast expanse
16  (ばんげい)
(n) versatility
17  (ばんこう)
(n) (mouths of) many people
18  (ばんこく)
(n) all countries
19  (ばんこく)
(n) copious (tears)
20  (ばんこつ)
(n) thousands of lives
21  (ばんごう)
(n) eternity
22  (ばんさく)
(n) all means
23  (ばんざい)
(int,n) (1) crying "banzai" (or raising one's hands in the banzai gesture)
24  (ばんざい)
(int,n) (1) crying "banzai" (or raising one's hands in the banzai gesture)
25  (ばんしゃ)
(n,vs) many thanks
26寿  (ばんじゅ)
(n) longevity
27  (ばんじん)
(n) 10000 fathoms
28  (ばんじん)
(n) 10000 fathoms
29  (ばんじん)
(n) (1) all people
30  (ばんせい)
(n-adv) all ages
31  (ばんせん)
(n) tremendous number
32  (ばんぜい)
(int,n) (1) crying "banzai" (or raising one's hands in the banzai gesture)
33  (ばんぜい)
(int,n) (1) crying "banzai" (or raising one's hands in the banzai gesture)
34  (ばんぜん)
(adj-na,n) perfection
35  (ばんそつ)
(n) host of soldiers
36  (ばんたん)
(n) all
37  (ばんだい)
(n-adv,n-t) thousands of years
38  (ばんてん)
(n) the whole world
39  (ばんなん)
(n) many obstacles
40  (ばんにん)
(n) (1) all people
41  (ばんのう)
(n,adj-no) (1) all-purpose
42  (ばん)
(adv) (1) very much
43  (ばん)
(adv) (1) very much
44  (ばんぱく)
(n) (abbr) world fair
45  (ばんぱん)
(n) all things
46  (ばんぶつ)
(n) all things
47  (ばんぷく)
(n) all health and happiness
48  (ばんべつ)
(n) various differentiations
49  (ばんぽう)
(n) all nations
50  (ばんぽう)
(n) many lands
51  (ばんぽう)
(n) many treasures
52  (ばんみん)
(n) all people
53  (ばんもく)
(n) many eyes
54  (ばんもつ)
(n) all things
55  (ばんゆう)
(n) all things
56  (ばんらい)
(n) heavy thunder
57  (ばんらい)
(n) many guests
58  (ばんきょう)
(n) all places
59愚節  (ばんぐせつ)
(n) April Fool's Day
60国旗  (ばんこくき)
(n) flags of all nations
61国史  (ばんこくし)
(n) world history
62国旗  (ばんこっき)
(n) flags of all nations
63  (ばんしょう)
(n) all obstacles
64  (ばんしょう)
(n) all creation
65  (ばんじょう)
(n) hurrah!
66  (ばんじょう)
(n) diversification
67  (ばんじょう)
(n) sovereignty
68  (ばんりょく)
(n) myriad green leaves
69千古  (せんこばんこ)
(n) remote antiquity
70千波  (せんぱばんぱ)
(n) many waves
71波濤  (はとうばんり)
(n) faraway lands
72華鏡  (ばんかきょう)
(n) kaleidoscope
73国民  (ばんこくみん)
(n) the people of all nations
74古不易  (ばんこふえき)
(n) eternally unchanging
75聖節  (ばんせいせつ)
(n) All Saints' Day
76人向き  (ばんにんむき)
(n) all-purpose
77人向け  (ばんにんむけ)
(n) suiting all tastes
78能薬  (ばんのうやく)
(n) cure-all
79  (ばんばんいち)
(adv,n) by any chance
80  (ばんばんざい)
(n) matter for great congratulation
81夫不当  (ばんぷふとう)
(n) being a match for thousands
82霊節  (ばんれいせつ)
(n) All Souls' Day
83平沙  (へいさばんり)
(n) vast stretch of desert
84遺憾千  (いかんせんばん)
(adj-na) highly regrettable
85迂闊千  (うかつせんばん)
(adj-na) very careless
86雲煙  (うんえんばんり)
(n) limitless expanse of clouds and smoke
87雲泥  (うんでいばんり)
(n) being poles apart
88奇怪千  (きかいせんばん)
(n,adj-na) very strange (mysterious, weird)
89山川  (さんせんばんり)
(n) being far away across mountains and rivers
90諸事  (しょじばんたん)
(n) everything
91千軍  (せんぐんばんば)
(n) (having experienced) many battles
92千言  (せんげんばんご)
(n) many words
93千差  (せんさばんべつ)
(adj-na,n) an infinite variety of
94千紫  (せんしばんこう)
(n) multitude of colors
95千思  (せんしばんこう)
(n,vs) deep meditation
96千姿  (せんしばんたい)
(n) endless variety
97千辛  (せんしんばんく)
(n,vs) many hardships
98千変  (せんぺんばんか)
(n,vs) innumerable changes
99前程  (ぜんていばんり)
(n) a bright (rosy) future awaiting one
100天下  (てんかばんみん)
(n) the whole nation
101天涯  (てんがいばんり)
(n,adj-no) very far away
102天地  (てんちばんぶつ)
(n) the whole creation
103軍の主  (ばんぐんのしゅ)
(n) Lord of hosts
104景峰号  (ばんけほうごう)
(n) Mangyongbong-92, a mixed passenger-cargo ferry running between Wonsan in North Korea and Niigata
105死一生  (ばんしいっせい)
(n) advancing in the face of death
106事窮す  (ばんじきゅうす)
(n) There is nothing more that can be done
107事休す  (ばんじきゅうす)
(n) There is nothing more that can be done
108  (ばんばんたん)
(n) everything
109世不易  (ばんせいふえき)
(n) eternity
110全の策  (ばんぜんのさく)
(n) safe plan
111代不易  (ばんだいふえき)
(adj-na,n) eternity
112物流転  (ばんぶつるてん)
(exp) all things are in a state of flux
113止むを得ず  (ばんやむをえず)
(exp) there is no hope
114不埒千  (ふらちせんばん)
(n,adj-na) very insolent
115無礼千  (ぶれいせんばん)
(adj-na) extremely rude (impertinent, impolite)
116鵬程  (ほうていばんり)
(n) (over) a great distance
117無念千  (むねんせんばん)
(n,adj-na) being really disappointed
118用意  (よういばんたん)
(n) every preparation possible
119黄金  (おうごんばんのう)
(n) the almighty dollar
120気炎  (きえんばんじょう)
(n) in high spirits
121気焔  (きえんばんじょう)
(n) in high spirits
122奇怪千  (きっかいせんばん)
(n,adj-na) very strange (mysterious, weird)
123失敬千  (しっけいせんばん)
(adj-na) extremely rude (impertinent, impolite)
124失礼千  (しつれいせんばん)
(adj-na) extremely rude (impertinent, impolite)
125笑止千  (しょうしせんばん)
(adj-na,n) highly ridiculous
126心外千  (しんがいせんばん)
(n,adj-na) be totally upset (by)
127森羅  (しんらばんしょう)
(n) all things in nature
128準備  (じゅんびばんたん)
(n) every preparation (arrangement)
129世上  (せじょうばんぱん)
(n) all the worldly (mundane) matters
130千客  (せんかくばんらい)
(n) flood of customers
131千山  (せんさんばんすい)
(n) many mountains and rivers
132千山  (せんざんばんすい)
(n) many mountains and rivers
133千種  (せんしゅばんよう)
(n,adj-na,adj-no) an infinite variety
134千緒  (せんしょばんたん)
(n) all sorts of things
135千態  (せんたいばんよう)
(n) great diversity of form
136唐突千  (とうとつせんばん)
(n,adj-na) very sudden
137波瀾  (はらんばんじょう)
(adj-na,adj-no,n) stormy and full of drama
138波乱  (はらんばんじょう)
(adj-na,adj-no,n) stormy and full of drama
139死一生  (ばんしいっしょう)
(n) advancing in the face of death
140世一系  (ばんせいいっけい)
(n) unbroken imperial line
141能選手  (ばんのうせんしゅ)
(n) all-around athlete
142卑怯千  (ひきょうせんばん)
(n,adj-na) very mean (sneaky)
143不届き千  (ふとどきせんばん)
(n,adj-na) very rude (insolent)
144不届千  (ふとどきせんばん)
(n,adj-na) very rude (insolent)
145迷惑千  (めいわくせんばん)
(n,adj-na) great nuisance
146スポーツ  (スポーツばんのう)
(n,adj-na,adj-no) athletic
147一天  (いってんばんじょう)
(n) the whole realm
148黄塵  (こうじんばんじょう)
(n) rising cloud of (yellowish) dust
149千客  (せんきゃくばんらい)
(n) flood of customers
150千状  (せんじょうばんたい)
(n) various forms
151千態  (せんたいばんじょう)
(n) an endless variety of forms
152長者  (せんばんちょうじゃ)
(n) multimillionaire
153国共通  (ばんこくきょうつう)
(n,adj-no) worldwide
154歳三唱  (ばんざいさんしょう)
(n) three cheers (lit: shout 'banzai' three times)
155難を排して  (ばんなんをはいして)
(exp) at all costs
156人向きである  (ばんにんむきである)
(exp) to suit all tastes
157有引力  (ばんゆういんりょく)
(n) universal gravitation
158有神教  (ばんゆうしんきょう)
(n) pantheism
159緑一紅  (ばんりょくいっこう)
(n) one red flower standing out in a sea of green vegetation
160国博覧会  (ばんこくはくらんかい)
(n) world fair
161物の霊長  (ばんぶつのれいちょう)
(n) the lord of creation
162已むを得なければ  (ばんやむをえなければ)
(exp) if necessary
163止むを得なければ  (ばんやむをえなければ)
(exp) if necessary
164里の長城  (ばんりのちょうじょう)
(n) Great Wall of China
165国標準時  (ばんこくひょうじゅんじ)
(n) universal time
166国郵便連合  (ばんこくゆうびんれんごう)
(n) Universal Postal Union
167有引力定数  (ばんゆういんりょくていすう)
(n) gravitational constant (G)
168人間事塞翁が馬  (じんかんばんじさいおうがうま)
(exp) inscrutable are the ways of heaven
169国国際音標文字  (ばんこくこくさいおんぴょうもじ)
(n) International Phonetic Alphabet
170国著作権条約  (ばんこくちょさくけんじょうやく)
(n) Universal Copyright Convention
171緑叢中紅一点  (ばんりょくそうちゅうこういってん)
(exp) (arch) one red flower standing out in a sea of green vegetation
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