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1  (いつに)
(adv) solely
2  (きいつ)
(n,vs) united into one
3  (ふいつ)
(adj-na,n) Very sincerely yours
4  (ゆいつ)
(adj-no,adv) only
5  (いつ)
(adv,n) one by one
6  (いつ)
(adv,n) one by one
7  (かくいつ)
(adj-na,n) uniformity
8  (かくいつ)
(adj-na,n) uniformity
9  (きんいつ)
(adj-na,n) uniformity
10  (ごういつ)
(n,vs) unification
11  (せいいつ)
(n) equality
12  (せいいつ)
(adj-na,n) purity
13  (せんいつ)
(adj-na,n) exclusively
14  (たくいつ)
(n) choosing an alternative
15  (たんいつ)
(adj-na,n) single
16  (ちくいつ)
(adv) one by one
17  (とういつ)
(n,vs) unity
18  (どういつ)
(adj-na,n,adj-no) identity
19都々  (どどいつ)
(n) (obsc) (obs) (arch) unrhymed non-metrical Japanese popular love song or limerick in the 7-7-7-5 syllable pattern
20  (まんいつ)
(adv,n) by some chance
21  (ゆいいつ)
(adj-no,adv) only
22  (かくいつか)
(n) standardization
23  (かくいつか)
(n) standardization
24  (きんいつか)
(n,vs) homogenization
25  (じゅんいつ)
(adj-na,n) purity
26  (たんいつか)
(n) simplification
27  (どういつし)
(n,vs) class with
28不統  (ふとういつ)
(adj-na,n) disunity
29万が  (まんがいつ)
(adv,n) if by any chance
30  (かくいつてき)
(adj-na) uniform
31  (せいいつせつ)
(n) uniformitarianism
32  (たくいつてき)
(adj-na) alternative
33  (たんいつせい)
(n) unitary
34  (とういつかん)
(n) sense of unity
35  (とういつてき)
(adj-na) united
36  (どういつにん)
(n) the same person
37  (どういつりつ)
(n) law of identity
38不二  (ゆいいつふじ)
(n,adj-no) one and only
39無二  (ゆいいつむに)
(adj-na,n,adj-no) one and only
40無比  (ゆいいつむひ)
(n,adj-no) one and only
41思考  (かくいつしこう)
(n) uniformity of thought
42主義  (かくいつしゅぎ)
(n) standardization
43軌をにする  (きをいつにする)
(exp,vs-i) to concur
44価格  (きんいつかかく)
(n) uniform price
45通貨  (たんいつつうか)
(n) single currency
46知行合  (ちこうごういつ)
(exp) awareness comes only through practice
47知徳合  (ちとくごういつ)
(n) the unity of knowledge and virtue
48天下統  (てんかとういつ)
(n,vs) unification of the whole country
49二者選  (にしゃせんいつ)
(n) alternative
50二者択  (にしゃたくいつ)
(n) two alternatives
51史上唯  (しじょうゆいいつ)
(n) the first in history
52精神統  (せいしんとういつ)
(n) concentration of mind
53問題  (たくいつもんだい)
(n) multiple-choice question
54見解  (とういつけんかい)
(n) collective view (opinion)
55戦線  (とういつせんせん)
(n) united front
56場理論  (とういつばりろん)
(n) unified field theory
57人物  (どういつじんぶつ)
(n) the very same person
58料金  (きんいつりょうきん)
(n) uniform fee
59神教  (たんいつしんきょう)
(n) monotheism
60大統理論  (だいとういつりろん)
(n) grand unified theory (physics)
61教会  (とういつきょうかい)
(n) Unification Church (religious movement started by Reverend Sun Myung Moon)
62二者選  (にしゃせんいつほう)
(n) completion test (one out of two choices)
63脈相通じる  (いちみゃくあいつうじる)
(v5r) to have in common (with)
64脈相通ずる  (いちみゃくあいつうずる)
(v5r) to have in common (with)
65地方選挙  (とういつちほうせんきょ)
(n) nationwide local elections
66機能単化文法  (きのうたんいつかぶんぽう)
(n) functional unification grammar
67東方帰教会  (とうほうきいつきょうかい)
(n,adj-no) (ru: uniat) Uniate (term for Eastern Rite Catholicism)
68性同性障害  (せいどういつせいしょうがい)
(n) gender identity disorder
69二者択を迫られる  (にしゃたくいつをせまられる)
(exp,v1) to be faced with the choice between two alternatives
70化に基づく形式化  (たんいつかにもとづくけいしきか)
(n) unification-based formalisms
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