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Skiing Toward to Lake Tazawa

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Posted on 2019年3月17日 (日) in Life

Skiing Toward to Lake Tazawa

We like skiing at Lake Tazawa Ski Resort (たざわ湖スキー場) at Semboku-city, Akita-prefecture on a fine day in March.
Because we can ski toward to Lake Tazawa. It looks like jumping into the lake after skiing.

You can look above scene by the following video at 1 min 48 second on Youtube.

If you are interested in ski or tourism to Akita prefecture, please access Akitafan.com.

Access to Lake Tazawa Ski Resort

Please search "Narita International Terminal to Tazawako Ski Resort" by Google.
The following images are routes by Google.

Narita Airport Station (成田)-- [Narita Express / 成田エクスプレス] -- Tokyo Station (駅)-- [Komachi, Tohoku Shinkansen / こまち、東新幹線] - Tazawako Station (田沢湖駅)

You must reserve "Komachi" on JR train seat reservation, don't reserve "Hayate" etc.

(1) 1st Route of Narita Airport Station to Tazawako Station by JR using the Japan Rail Pass is cheaper ticket for foreign travelers.
Map of JR Route, 路線図
* (If you click above picture, you can view the large size.)

(2) 2nd Route of Tazawako Station to Tazawako Ski Resort by bus.
map of Tazawa Lake, 田沢湖地図
* (If you click above picture, you can view the large size.)

Where Do You Stay?

There are many hot spring inns near the Tazawako ski resort. Nyuto Onsen (乳頭) Tsuru No Yu (鶴の湯) is very famous hot spring. The location is upper side above map. Have a enjoy hot spring in Japan.

Lake Tazawa / 田沢湖

Lake Tazawa is the deepest lake in Japan with a depth of 423.4 meters. It is 4 hours to 6 hours (20km) for round trip of Lake Tazawa by walk. You can rent a bicyle at shops in summer season.

Statue of Tatsuko / 辰子像

A Statue of Tatsuko stands at shore to the clear blue waters of Lake Tazawa, and was made by Yasutake Funakoshi in 1968. Tatsuko, wishing for forever youth and beauty, is said to have been turned into a lake-goddess. Please access a story of that she was becoming a dragon at legend story of Tatsuko Princess (辰子姫伝説). In another story, she married Taro HACHIRO lived in Hachirogata Lagoon, so that she is said the god of marriage (縁結びの, en musubi no kami). Would you visit to Lake Tazawa after skiing? (田沢湖へおでってくんださい。) Would you check that the story is true or not by your self ?
Sraue of Tatsuko, 辰子像
* (If you click above picture, you can view the large size.)

Festival for God of Dragon at Lake Tazawa / たざわ湖・龍神まつり

A festival for God of Dragon is held the last sunday of July for every year. If you are intereded in the festival, please access Tazawako Summer Festival.
Dragon Festival, 龍神祭
* (If you click above picture, you can view the large size.)

Akita Dog / 秋田犬

Akita inu is very famous dog () in Japan. Shibuya Hachiko is also akita inu. You can see the dog at a shop in Lake Tazawa.
Akita Inu, 秋田犬
* (If you click above picture, you can view the large size.)

Tips of Japanese Words

tatsu, ryuJapanese or Euripian dragons
ryuChinese dragons and symbol of Chinese Emperor
tatsuOne of the twelve Earthly Branches.
”辰子” usually is a name of girls born in the dragon year (辰).

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